The Jew Dreyfus and the massive French division over the Dreyfus spying incident – Additional Thoughts

I found a documentary that I watched the other day regarding the Jew Dreyfus, to just get a bigger picture of it from a distance. And the mystery deepens.

But here are some critical points:

The Jewish Captain Dreyfus who was in the French Artillery, was accused of spying for the Germans. The French had a spy in the German Embassy.

The case revolves around handwriting at the end of the day. We are talking about 120 years ago. So the key evidence was handwriting plus another clue, that the spy’s name started with "D".

So the French officers did their investigation and reckoned it was the Jew Dreyfus. Now a Jew being accused or caught for SPYING is actually not a big deal. Jews are commonly spies anyway. Even Nixon remarked on this. The French military had court proceedings and found the Jew Dreyfus guilty and sent him off to jail.

But one of the Jews in the family then came and stirred some nonsense to draw attention to Dreyfus. This all happened in the media. Sound familiar? Eventually, after a few years, Dreyfus is brought back to France.

Due to the Jewish nonsense, now they claim the original trial was rigged. They also claim another French officer is the real spy. The French army court martial the other French officer. After putting him on trial they find him INNOCENT.

Then Dreyfus is put on trial for the second time along with the claim that some of the original evidence is faked/wrong. The military go through the trial process again and find Dreyfus guilty AGAIN!

So the French Military found Dreyfus guilty TWICE and they found the French officer, whom the Jews claimed was the real spy INNOCENT. That is 3 trials.

Then, the next thing you know the Jews must have taken matters to higher levels because the Supreme Court in France then nullifies the verdict of the Military Court re: Dreyfus!

At the end of the day, between the Supreme court and the Politicians, they all meddle in this military matter and OVERRIDE the Military procedures and annul it!!!

Also, the French Officer who originally investigated Dreyfus and claimed he was guilty – is himself thrown in jail AND HIS THROAT IS SLIT!!!

Again, when I look at the Dreyfus Affair, I reckon that Jews must have been meddling intensely in the whole thing. It has these weird creepy angles that most Jewish things have. To me it sounds a lot like the Leo Frank thing in the USA. The Jews are out to save their Jew and to blame someone else.

I will look at the matter more deeply another day because it’s very long winded and super complex like all Jewish garbage is.

I am quite convinced there is much more to this than meets the eye and that Jews must have fooled the French and used bribes or other things.

There’s definitely weird Jewish crap going on there.

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