The INSANE propaganda all Whites believe about the LIBERATION of Europe in WW2


These are from some comments I wrote to a Croatian supporter:

The destruction of Germany in WW2, in my view is the greatest disaster our race has known since the collapse of the Roman Empire. What a horrific mess. But on the other side of the coin, if Hitler and the Germans had not attempted their MAGNIFICENT stand for Europe and for our race, we would have faded away even more. At least their legacy lives on and shines brightly for all of us to learn from. But the human disaster to our people was unmatched. In my own studies of European history, I find myself having a total hatred for the invasions of Europe, especially when the damned Jewish-British would team up to destroy one or other European power.

I find it unthinkable that one can look at WW2 for example and view the invasion of Europe by the USA, UK and Soviet Union and then say: "They came to FREE EUROPE". My question is: Free Europe from whom? From EUROPEANS???? Because it’s a totally ridiculous argument. Why are you invading Germany? Or Italy? To free Germany from Germans and to free Italy from Italians? Are you NUTS!?!?!? Yet that is the basic line that has been used for decades. Its like the British invading the Boer nations … why? They claimed (falsely) that the Boers were maltreating other whites who had come to live there!!!! (Meanwhile the real reason was Gold and Diamonds).

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