The Great White Wolf: Anders Breivik: You should thank me for killing the next generation of TRAITORS!

[Quite a frenzy has opened up on my Bitchute channel over whether Breivik was good or not for the cause of the White Right. Here are some additional points about Breivik that I looked into after the video, and I think I'll put up the introduction to his 2083 Declaration of European Independence so people can listen to his actual writings for themselves. It appears to me that most people have NOT read or studied his writings. 

MOST of his writings are copied from American Conservative bloggers. 
I also do not have a problem with killing Liberals since they ARE the enemy within. We should try our utmost to convert white Liberals to the white right, and I think we'll be largely successful. However, like Dylann Roof, Breivik was "in the moment" and he had limited time since his plan was going wrong. 
I had thought to myself that his plan had weaknesses and I did mention it in my analysis of his moves. Here are some additional comments regarding Breivik and his trial, because there are things missing from the public discourse. 


div>In fact, I think we whites are NOT studying the trials of our heroes enough. This is especially true of the trial over the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell. Jan]

My additional thoughts re: Breivik:

Some points:- 1. In Breivik’s trial, he stated that Norway should be thankful to him, because he killed the next generation of traitors. In the movie of him he says: "You will die today, Marxists (Jewish commies), Liberals and Children of the Elite. I would agree with that. Look at where ALL the traitors are coming from in the whole Western world – they, and even ANTIFA, come from those groups. 2. His plans, also show that he was an amateur and could hot have had help from anyone, because his bomb was not capable of destroying a building. That is a whole other topic and ties in with Timothy McVeigh. If Breivik had been helped by Jews, MOSSAD, Russia, etc – then they would have shown him that his car bomb can’t work to knock down a building. I lived 2 blocks away from the ANC Church Street car bomb in the early 1980s. It ripped a chunk out of the building. It was using proper explosives. It was not amateurish like Breivik and McVeigh’s bombs. (The story of McVeigh is a very complicated one, but it was a 911 type of thing – McVeigh took the death penalty for something his bomb was incapable of doing. Like 911, someone rigged the pillars beforehand). 3. Breivik’s original goal was to destroy the govt building. He expected the 17 story building to collapse. He wanted to kill one or more of 3 political targets. The faggot escapted Breivik by a very close run of things. 4. I will put up a video of Breivik’s introduction. It is 2 hours long. I urge people to listen to it. I could find NO FAULT with any of it except he does not explicitly name the Jew. However, his intense focus was on Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School – Which we all know are JEWS!!!! So he might not have known they were Jews, but he was focusing on the right problem. 5. Breivik could not have been working for Israel, because he actually liked what Al Quaeda was doing, which were those horrific decapitations. He wanted to catch one of the 3 politicians, especially the ex-Prime Minister and he wanted to decapitate her and film it and upload it on TV. 6. After 911, for several years the concept of EU-RABIA was big. I suspect it might even be a Jewish scare story intended to try to get Europe to send troops to kill Muslims. He quotes Eurabia a lot as the main thing destroying Europe – massive Islamic groups moving into Europe. Wasn’t all this BEFORE the MASSIVE non-white influxes into Europe pushed by Israel? Therefore, how could he have named any other group, other than Muslims since the massive African influx was NOT THERE at that time? 7. Like Dylann Roof, Breivik, or any white wolf, once he has begun his attacks, he is limited in how much time he has. If he stops and runs away, the Police will still find him. So his window of opportunity is short. He must either continue with his plan until he is caught or killed, or he must run away, in which case, he will still be caught and will still get a long jail sentence. He therefore made the correct military decision to continue the attacks. In fact, having missed the politicians, he ended up having 1 1/2 hours of time to shoot those children WHO WERE BEING POLITICALLY INDOCTRINATED ON THAT ISLAND. He made the most of the time he had, and in that, he did the best he could. THAT ISLAND WAS A VALID POLITICAL TARGET WITH A LONG HISTORY OF ANTI-WHITE INDOCTRINATION GOING ON THERE. The ENEMY is training your future enemies. Blacks have remarked for example, that they should kill white babies because white babies will grow up to be the enemy. This is actually quite an accurate statement. If you watch the movie, you’ll see that everyone there was ANTI-WHITE, DIVERSITY-LOVING ENEMIES OF NORWAY AND EUROPE. Eventually whites and Liberals have to clash. Its unavoidable. They ARE the enemy within.

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