The Great (White) Awakening and the collapse of the Jewish Liberal System – Thoughts on the future


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[This is from an email to a supporter. Jan]

I wrote:
But the GREAT AWAKENING is rolling forward nicely. I think in our lifetimes we will see huge upheavals, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’re going there.

I hate this Jewish Liberal system that keeps Whites down.

I can’t wait for it to collapse in a heap. Just take normal precautions regarding having food, etc, etc. I’ve been building a small stockpile here since the COVID crap started. There’s no need to rush. Just quietly take care of things, one by one.

The real serious action is probably years away, but I think society is starting to break down. And that’s good. This is irreversible. Nothing the elite and Jews can do will stop this. It’s too huge. All they can do is lie, and scam and fake it for as many years as they can until it just collapses.

I think our race will just get angrier and angrier and that’s going to be awesome. If everything collapses then it means Whites from every conceivable profession will also be on our side. So that will be wonderful.

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