The First American I know personally with Vaccine health damage!

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I was chatting to a lady I met when I was in the USA in 2019. She was the neighbour of someone I stayed with, who passed away recently. So we got chatting because of the death of this man I had stayed with.

So while we were emailing, she said she was having "health problems".

I wondered to myself, if there is by a long shot, a chance that it might be vaccine related. But I did not know if she’d been vaccinated. So I approached the matter tactfully.

Then she replied with this: Yes I’ve had my vaccine which caused the heart issues a big mess.

So there is the first ever testimony I have, from someone I know personally that the vaccine has damaged their health. So I’ve asked her for more details and what the doctors say.

So this stuff is really common.

Another American lady I know was telling me that she’s willing to resign from her job in a big city rather than take the vaccine. She’s busy fighting her employer and even took off with all her sick leave days. She is putting up quite a fight to NOT take that bloody vaccine. So that’s excellent.

My own older brother here in South Africa recently took the vaccine – but that’s his problem – he doesn’t listen to what I have to say. So I’ll have to see how it goes.

I’m not going anywhere near the vaccine. You don’t know what shit is in there … It’s like playing Russian roulette and putting a revolver to your head.

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