The filthy Jewish Political Party the DA – Democratic Alliance is losing hundreds of thousands of White Voters


[This is from a note I sent to some whites on Gab in the USA. 

NO WHITE PERSON IN SOUTH AFRICA SHOULD VOTE FOR THIS FILTHY JEWISH POLITICAL PARTY. I read recently that hundreds of thousands of whites had abandoned them. AND their black voter base is also falling apart. Helen Zille is the Jewish bitch who plays the biggest role in the DA. This filthy Jewish bitch, faking it as a Christian, is actually an anti-White communist. She worked for the communists in the days of the war. Jan]

Another secret of the Jews my friend, from my own observations, is that they are a race of COWARDS. Blacks are also cowards. It is white men who have the real balls. But we don’t crow about it. Jews are a race of garbage whose GREATEST SUCCESS has come from whites. Here in Africa the Jews are really fucking up with the blacks. Their attempts to work with them and control them are falling seriously apart. I am laughing at the total failure of Jewish Liberalism with the blacks. Monitor this political party: Democratic Alliance (DA). The Jews actually had to fight the blacks to seize control of the political party because the blacks were doing their own thing. The DA is our “democratic/liberal” Jewish party. I am very pleased to say that they’ve lost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of white voters in recent years. I am so pleased. I have been telling whites for years that not one white person in S.Africa would vote for the DA if they knew the truth about this filthy Jewish party. They have stabbed the whites in the back. Very QUIETLY … the whites are making headway … even in politics. MY PREDICTION: Jews are going to FAIL MISERABLY with blacks everywhere … and possibly even with the Chinese in the end. Jews are not invincible. It is us whites who have allowed this race of filth to achieve the heights they achieved. They need to be smashed to pieces by our race. And we should feed them to the Muslims!

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