The filthy Jewish Political Party the DA – Democratic Alliance is losing hundreds of thousands of White Voters

[This is from a note I sent to some whites on Gab in the USA. 

NO WHITE PERSON IN SOUTH AFRICA SHOULD VOTE FOR THIS FILTHY JEWISH POLITICAL PARTY. I read recently that hundreds of thousands of whites had abandoned them. AND their black voter base is also falling apart. Helen Zille is the Jewish bitch who plays the biggest role in the DA. This filthy Jewish bitch, faking it as a Christian, is actually an anti-White communist. She worked for the communists in the days of the war. Jan]

Another secret of the Jews my friend, from my own observations, is that they are a race of COWARDS. Blacks are also cowards. It is white men who have the real balls. But we don’t crow about it. Jews are a race of garbage whose GREATEST SUCCESS has come from whites. Here in Africa the Jews are really fucking up with the blacks. Their attempts to work with them and control them are falling seriously apart. I am laughing at the total failure of Jewish Liberalism with the blacks. Monitor this political party: Democratic Alliance (DA). The Jews actually had to fight the blacks to seize control of the political party because the blacks were doing their own thing. The DA is our “democratic/liberal” Jewish party. I am very pleased to say that they’ve lost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of white voters in recent years. I am so pleased. I have been telling whites for years that not one white person in S.Africa would vote for the DA if they knew the truth about this filthy Jewish party. They have stabbed the whites in the back. Very QUIETLY … the whites are making headway … even in politics. MY PREDICTION: Jews are going to FAIL MISERABLY with blacks everywhere … and possibly even with the Chinese in the end. Jews are not invincible. It is us whites who have allowed this race of filth to achieve the heights they achieved. They need to be smashed to pieces by our race. And we should feed them to the Muslims!

3 thoughts on “The filthy Jewish Political Party the DA – Democratic Alliance is losing hundreds of thousands of White Voters

  • 9th January 2020 at 8:33 pm

    Vote for a white, Boer party who stands for the people. Hellen Zille the Jewess, is a traitor. She wanted the A.N.C in. The national party was still voted into power in the Cape after the 1994 election from 94-98 the Nats were still ruling the Cape proving the Cape Coloureds do not want Bhantu rule.

    Jan you should really delve into the history of South Africa a little more to explain to the international audience that there has never ever in the history of South Africa, been a black Bantu king or leader from West of the fish river ever prior to about the 1860s.

    The West part of the country has never been black territory, until your readers and international readers understand the full history of South Africa we are doomed to the same apartheid bullshit.

    Apartheid laws were introduced first by the British in the late 1820s in the Eastern cape to prevent the AmaGaleca Xhosa tribe that broke away from the AmaRharabe tribe. The Xhosa King from the Royal house said and told both the Brits and the Boers, if they cross to steal your cattle shoot to kill

    I really think it should be done, the real history of South Africa. Until that is made, until the whites in this country dont understand that 1. There were no blacks in the West portion of the country prior to the 1850s other than those brought in by the Dutch east india company

    2. The Zulu nation is no older than 250 years old.
    3. The eastern cape prior to the 1820s was first bushmen country and not Xhosa country.
    4. The Venda only entered the country around 1652
    5. Dingaans massacre of Piet retief was due to the administrators in the Cape sending him a letter telling him the Boers had deserted the British.
    6. The first slaves in South Africa were white slaves, indentured labourers.
    7. In 1906 the whites were the majority – we cannot group all the blacks together & call them one nation when they have 11 kings
    8. Slavery existed among the black tribes here.

    The real history of South africa needs to be taught. Even Rhodesia, most of Rhodesia was emptied when the Brits went there. The Matabele were kicked out of South Africa including mzilikazi by the Boers, which is why they reside in Rhodesia.

    There is also a very interesting story of the Brits, After or during the Jameson raid there was an uprising in Rhodesia where they killed British settlers and the end result of how the Brits dealt with the blacks is the most amazing, scary story.

    Cecil Rhodes gave the order to avenge the settlers and it is a scary story of what happens when the white man takes revenge and the end result of that.

    There is so much history to cover from South Africa, the tribes, when they arrived and the dates can be verified by the Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish missionairies, English, English missionairies.

    How many know there were Italians at the BlouKraans massacre who fought along with the Boers against the Zulus. How many have taught our people about the many English settlers who joined up with the Boers on their treks, wars, Boer wars.

    Its a good history.


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