The Filthy Half-Jewish Royal Family of Britain


One of my readers wrote these comments below, and in these comments, he mentioned something about the Royal Family. I’ve been looking for info on the Jewish links of the Royal Family and what exactly is this family doing?

For quite a time I thought the British Royalty were mainly a bunch a Christians who (erroneously believed) that they had ties right back to the (fake) lost tribes of Israel, and that they believed they were directly descended from the Jewish nonsense about Abraham, etc, etc.

However, a bit more modern reading recently, was making me realise that the British Royal Family is sort of half/Jewish. The Jews are at work there. Jews have heavily intermarried into the British Royal Family.

Then the reader wrote the comments you see below. I began checking up on a few leads in what he wrote, and I nearly fell on my back! He’d nailed some stuff. I’ll show it later. But truly, hidden in his writings below are some critical facts that need to be looked at much more closely. I think this guy has nailed a bunch of things. My DISGUST at the British Royal Family just grows.

The good news is that the British themselves, are seeing the Royal Family as more and more of a waste of time and money. But, I think the British are still too retarded to give their disgusting Royals the heave-ho. As for Prince Charles, my contempt of this idiotic man, just rises. I’ve never come across such a pathetic white male before in my life.

The reader wrote this:

The Britard Royals are Jews since the 19th century…remember, the New Jerusalem of Calvinist(cohenist)Cromwell and and Binyamin D’Israeli and Britard Europhobia of Boer wars and Germanophobia forecast by kosher Freemason Wells in War of the worlds that led to world war one, led by gay Freemasons like Kitchener whose police comrades had also hidden the identity of ‘Joshua the Ripper’-Kipling also removed the swastika’s from his books like a good New Ageist Communist while England was breeding bisexuals like Oscar Wilde, hero/ine of the gay age to come of Tavistock Psychedelia, Glam and Punk rock.

Prince Charles has his own special kippa to attend the Bevis Marks as in Marx, synagogue, in Londonistan, whose Asians followed the influx of Polish Jews from Russia’s Pale of Settling and are beloved by Jews to the extent they now have installed a Khan as lord mayor, celebrated by Rabbi Mirvis.

Rabbi Jacob Snowman a North London moyel circumcises the queens sons and the Queen herself supports all three stands of Marxist subversion-Gay marriage, Feminism and multi-racist colonisation by those noble Turd world Orc allies of Obadiah Cromwells Commonwealth, Ghurka’s, east Afro’s and Muslim/Indians of the ilk who torture Scottish youths to death in garages and are not even executed.

Meanwhile the genius English electorate vote for Ulster Loyalist Nationalist parties to rescue the UK by sporting the Masonic as approved by Boris Kemals ilk whose tribe don’t even have to infiltrate British nationalism because ‘British’ already means Yiddish and so the lame English wallow in mental paralysis as ‘Racists’.

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