The Extremely Low IQ of Australian Aborigines – Same Intelligence as 11 Year Old White Kid

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2005: S.Africa: Black Teenage Mum: I drowned my HIV+ baby in a toilet
A young Matatiele mother admitted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday to killing her nine-month-old baby because she was HIV positive.

[Aborigines are even dumber than the Blacks in Africa. Their average IQ is a stunning 62. Here is a page with all the statistics that you need, and these are from modern tests. Jan]

The summary at the top reads: "The median value is 62. This corresponds to the mental age of an 11 year old European."

Here’s the URL:

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Video & Audio: S.Africa: Blacks who openly talk about killing all the Whites
In this video I show examples of Blacks in South Africa in the last decade or even recently who openly spoke about killing ALL WHITES! They mention hideous things they would like to do to us.

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