The Excellent German artist Herbert Smagon – I am interested in Artwork & Posters for White Shop


[This guy has done some really nice art work. His website does not seem to exist any more. One thing I am very interested in, now that I have understood some things is the selling of art in the form of posters, etc. I also have some ideas on how it can be improved so that it can work for my little shop. Jan]

Herbert Smagon

Herbert Smagon
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Herbert Smagon

di Harm Wulf

Biography of the artist Herbert Smagon

translation by Harm Wulf

Herbert was born on Smagon 2 January 1927 Karwin in Silesia in eastern, fino al 1918, was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and that, after the defeat of the Central Powers in World War I., became part of the territory of Czechoslovakia. Already as a boy Smagon personally felt the harassment to which he had subjected the German minority from the majority in the new Slavic state created a table by the victorious powers of the conflict. Due to the closure of German schools and the increasing violence put in place by the Czechs also against the young students, Smagon family was forced to flee from his native town and to reach Berlin. By the age of 10 Smagon years will grow in the German capital; a 14 years until the end of the war the family Smagon you traferirà in Vienna. The grandfather of Herbert, a lithographer and illustrator, excite him very early artistic activity. From the age of 12 Smagon years began, parallel with the regular school activities, private practice of painting with Professor Aschenbrenner. In 1943 he served his military service as ausilario air defense and the age of 16 he began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna also attending the lectures of Professor. Herbert Böckl. At the age of 17 Ann ricevette Jugendkunst-la Medaille, an award for best young artist from the city of Vienna and his works were exhibited at the Vienna Hofburg. His award-winning work "Luftwaffenhelfer" was painted during breaks from the service of flak in a wall of a hut always interrupted by the task of defending the piece by antiaircraft 8,8 against terrorist attacks by Allied bombers. The head of the City of Vienna, and previous Reichsjugend Baldur von Schirach-Führer invited the young Smagon for an interview in his office in parliament in Vienna.

Above his desk was hanging on the work of the artist "Luftwaffenhelfer". The head of the Hitler-Jugend

Had given, with the consent of Smagon, the work to the mayor of Vienna who wanted to put his city in competition with those of Monaco and Berlin to be chosen as the artistic center of the Reich. Schirach assured the young artist to continue his studies with the best teachers and assured support economic lifetime of Vienna City Hall. In 1945 becomes an official training center, serving of volunteer work and on the war front. Caught manages to escape from prison. In 1947 as the German Reich is driven from Austria. All his works up to 1945 disappear. The new start takes place in Stuttgart as an independent artist, graphic artist and illustrator. He wins several international awards as a graphic poster advertising. Today he lives and works in the Black Forest. A selection of exhibitions of his works: 1941 first solo exhibition in the town hall of the town of Teschen in 1941. In 1944 all ‘di Vienna Hofburg. In 1964 in the museum of the city of Monaco. In 1974 Stuttgart at the Landesgewerbemuseum. From 1986 fino al 1997: London at the Piccadilly-Showroom, In turin motor show. Parigi nella sede Mercedes-Benz France, ad eating al German Poster Museum. And then to Bamberg Filmgalerie, Karlsruhe, Bad Imnau, Lauchheim at the castle of Kapfenburg.

In the years 50 assessed the limited development of the official German art market as a result of the destruction of the foundations of European. From here he drew his own conclusion and decided not to take part in group exhibitions. He did the same in demo mode by ruling out all societies artistic institutional. Smagon, as an educational artist, is considered held in saving power of all men the beauty and harmony necessary to survive in the second millennium.

It belongs also to the generation of eyewitnesses survived the hell of the European catastrophe, is why it is compelled to testify artistically lived this story.

About his work “Images of History” (images of history) la stampa scrisse: “Strongly amazing, tie modernity and history, aesthetically shocking, great even in the details: Smagon hits the viewer with images – also only through the dimensions.”

Many works by the artist, diamonds, graphic works, cartoons can be viewed on his website bilingual (German and English)

Among the various works we point:

“Dresden 1945/89”

In World War II civilized countries like the U.S. and Britain have experienced technical annihilation of the civilian population of a country of which they were opponents. Techniques developed in the following years: hundreds of thousands of men burned and reduced to ashes in a few minutes. Only in Dresden more than 250.000 men died in this way. After 60 The Germans have not yet submitted no account for this fact. Smagon dedicated to this historic event a big painting called "Dresden 1945/1989": at the center of the ruins of the Cathedral of Dresden Frauenkirche, in the middle of the city in flames,. On the left: The mass killing of the inhabitants of the 13 and the 14 February del1945. In the image to the right: autumn 1989 the first deposition of a crown for the victims by a German Chancellor after 44 age.

"Death of the niece"

460.000 Germans were killed between 1945 and the 1946 Czechoslovakia. This is the latest figure of refugees disappeared from Bohemia and Moravia documented by the latest research of experts in the 2000. Over 3 million Germans were deprived of their homeland where they had lived for more than 1000 age. In one of the more than 10.000 protocols witness the "White Paper die die Sudeten Germans" in the Bundesarchiv of the Federal Republic of Germany:

Frau Hildegard Hurtinger makes the following statement registered: „…The 15 May was taken by Czech scum in my home in Prague and conducted with sticks and rifle butts shots to the head at about 500 meters from Scham-horstschule.(…) This was completely robbed and I was left alone with the socks and the dress I was wearing. (…) So I was part of the so-called Repair in which I, and prisoners with me, men and women, were tortured with the most extreme cruelty. On the night we were taken with all the prisoners in a house where I saw with my own eyes 10 men, women and children prisoners, including two of my brothers with family, who had been killed. The youngest child of my brother was five months old. Then we had to dig the graves, strip the slain and bury them…“

“Living torches”

The Czech Ludek Pachmann great chess champion and publicist, eyewitness arrival in Prague in May 1945 di Benesch, publicly told the terrible truth of the matter after four decades:„…I saw that in honor of Benesch, carried in triumph by tens of thousands of Czechs through the streets of Prague to Wenzelsplatz, all Karlsplatz e al Rittergasse, they took indiscriminately Germans sprinkled petrol, were hung by the feet to the poles and lanterns were made and then burn like torches that lasted long because the heads of those who were burned down and the smoke could not stifle. Benesch was also conducted by the wings of the crowd to human torches. The screams of the victims were covered by the shouts of jubilation Czechs. If there is hell on earth, then this was in Prague! I state this because I have been a witness and because a true understanding between peoples can only be possible when both sides of what happened you will see!…“

“Occupation of the city Roessel”

Over two million German girls were repeatedly raped and tortured by Russian soldiers. Ten thousand of them did not survive. The Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg incited: “Kill! Kill! There is no innocent German, i nature nerve nerve i names nature. Break with violence racial pride of the German women! Take them as fair booty!“ ( Ostdokumentation 2/37/103-108 )

Dr.. Arnold Niedenzu, surgeon testified in Rössel: „…Old (up to 80 age) , girls ( up to about ten years), Pregnant women and new mothers. The rapes went beyond the already hideous circumstances. The Russians subjected to torture women for days, often came at night from broken windows or doors torn, or from the roofs cleaved savagely raping the hapless women often with weapons in hand. The seviziavano holding the gun directly into the mouth of the unfortunate victims … "


In June 1944 we, child soldiers, beyond that struggled at home against the terrorist bombings, fought on the front of the Normandy. We felt that the young soldiers of the SS Division "Hitler Youth" faced the overwhelming Allied weapons in hand, singing the German national anthem!

A journalist wrote in war 1944 su „Signal“: "On the western front, area of Caen. From the days of roller bombarded by enemy artillery fire bombings in style, positions defended by the SS Armored division "Hitler Youth". The opponent had committed on that stretch in front of his best divisions of paratroopers and airborne, promising himself the slightest resistance on the part of those boys teens he had in front of him. In their arrogant jargon, troops accustomed to fighting the colonial populations, Anglo-Americans called the Division of Germany, to which they were faced, "Division infants" or "Baby Division". But in less than eight days, the disdainful attackers, sorely tried in fierce fighting, betrayed their arrogance deflated in the new and definitive nickname coined by them for their heroic and tenacious opponents "Crack Babys". In those days I had to talk to the SS-Brigadeführer Witt, Major General SS troops, Knight of the Iron Cross with oak frond: was at his command post, shortly before his death. He told me: "You see? I am an old soldier and, until the day he assumed command of this Division, I thought of having an uncommon warrior. But these guys who now command, I not only have ripped admiration, but – I do not hesitate to say – I have come to teach what is true aggressive spirit. "

“The children of Wroclaw”

Especially in Germany, children of “Hitler Youth” were committed against a terrorist bombing he told a television broadcast: “The members of the Hitlerjungend went forward into the hell of fire and helped firefighters and rescue forces to break through the rubble. With indomitable courage sacrificed and died like flies…”

Even children of Breslau (Wroclaw) sacrificed their lives for their city. Undefeated until the end of the war in 1945 by overlying enemy powers. They were young people between the 12 ed to 16 age. Did not fight for Hitler or the "Nazi". Fought and died for their families and for their hometown, of 500 years the capital of the German Silesia. The defense of Breslau was necessary. With extreme resistance against overwhelming Soviet forces could break through the encirclement. So migliaiai hundreds of refugees fleeing Germans could be rescued! Wroclaw, so we call today the remains of the ancient culture stolen German, which was destroyed forever home soil watered with the blood of many thousands of German heroes and victims, forgotten tomb without a, a stone or a memory. Only this picture reminds the forgotten children of Breslau.

German version

Biography Herbert Smagon.

Born 02.01.1927 in Karwin in East Silesia, was bis 1918 belonged to Austria-Hungarian Empire and was then extradited to Czechoslovakia. Even as a child had Smagon experience the oppression of the German minority self-. His father as a social policy spokesman for the German was sentenced to prison. When even German schools had to be closed, as more and more German children were prevented by brutal raids of Czechs from attending school, fled the family to Berlin. From the 10 Age is Smagon grew up in Berlin, from 14 Years until the war ended in Vienna. His grandfather, ein Lithograph und Illustrator, noticed very early artistic talent of the child. Even with 12 Years began Smagon 1939 bis1942 next to the high school to study painting as a private student of Professor Aschenbrenner. 1943 he was next to his military service as an air force helper with 16 Added years in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and studied with Professor Herbert Böckl. With 17 Years he was 1944 awarded the Youth Art Medal in Vienna, his works were exhibited at the Vienna Hofburg. His award-winning work "AIR FORCE OFFICER" he painted when using pauses in his flak on a barracks wall mounted – repeatedly interrupted by defensive battles in his heavy 8,8 Antiaircraft gun against the attacks by Allied bombers terror attacks. The governor of Vienna, former Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach, invited the young Smagon to an interview at his office in the Vienna parliament, a. Above his desk hung the picture "AIR FORCE OFFICER". The leadership of the Hitler Youth had with Smagons consent the image of the governor, of Vienna wanted to compete with Berlin and Munich for the art center of the German Empire, given. Schirach offered the young artist the other art studies with the best professors and guaranteed him lifelong caring sponsorship of the City of Vienna.

1945 Officer’s Training Camp, Labor service – Down in Front, Escape from captivity. 1947 he was expelled as German Empire from Austria. All of his works to 1945 are lost. A new beginning in Stuttgart as a freelance painter, Graphics und Illustrator. He received several awards at various international poster competitions. Today he lives and works in the Black Forest.

A selection of exhibitions of his work: 1941 TESCHEN, Townhouse. First solo exhibition. 1944 VIENNA, Hofburg. 1964 MUNICH City Museum. 1974 STUTTGART, State Trade Museum. 1986 – 1997 LONDON, Piccadilly-Showroom. TURIN, Automobil-Salon. PARIS, Mercedes-Benz France. FOOD, German Poster Museum. Bamberg, Movie Gallery. LONDON, BAD IMNAU, LEEK HOME, Castle Kapfenburg.

The one-sided development of the official German art market in the fifties, he felt it was consistent destruction of all foundations of European Art. He drew the personal consequence and involved no longer in joint exhibitions, also he stepped out demonstratively from all established art associations. Smagon feels as an artist committed to the survival necessary desire of all people for beauty and harmony in the second millennium to save over. He also belongs to the generation of the surviving eyewitnesses who went through the hell of the European disaster and is naturally forced to witness this experienced history artistic.

For his work "IMAGES OF HISTORY", the press: "Powerful amazingly, History und Modern verbindend, aesthetically frightening, also in huge details: Smagon proposes a with the images on the viewer – but even through dimensions. "

„DRESDEN 1945/89“
During World War II the then civilized countries USA and Britain had to develop the ambition of the most perfect in human history genocide technique against a rival people after years of preparation. They brought with it the unique finish: Hundreds of thousands of people, from infants to the elderly, often at the same time to shred in just a few minutes, to suffocate, alive to burn fat or to burn to a pile of ashes. In Dresden alone had over 250.000 People die as. 60 Years later, the Germans still dare not to mention the number of their innocent victims and to commemorate their. Smagon it created the large diptych "DRESDEN 1945/1989": In the center of the image, the ruins of the Frauenkirche from the burning city. Left Side: at the 13/14.2.1945 Mass killing of the population of Dresden. Rights Aspect: In the fall 1989 the first wreath-laying by 44 Years by a German chancellor to the victims.


460 000 German came 1945/46 in the Czech Republic to death. This is the latest number of the missing expelled Germans from Bohemia and Moravia, documented according to new research by experts in 2000. About 3 Million Sudeten Germans were robbed and from their home, in which it would 1000 Have lived years, chased. One of several ten thousand sworn protocols from the "Sudeten Germans White Paper" in the Federal Archives of Germany:

Hildegard Hurtinger for the record: „…At the 15. May I was led away in my home, in Prague by the Czech mob and about with beatings and rifle butts by the hair 500 Meters dragged into the pubic horst school.(…) There I was completely robbed, so that I only stockings and the dress, I had the body of, remained. (…) Then I was taken to the so-called repair, where I and my fellow prisoners, Men and women, were mistreated cruelly. At night all the prisoners were repeatedly brought to the farm, Cake zu is 10 Men, Women and children, including my two brothers with family, counted and shot in front of the other prisoners. The youngest child of my brother was 5 Months old. Then we had to dig graves, Pull off and buried the bodies…“


The Czech LUDEK Pachmann, Chess grandmaster and journalist, of the eyewitness at the entry of Benes in Prague in May 1945 was there, has the terrible truth of the events reveals four decades later:„…I saw in honor of Benes in his celebrated by tens of thousands of Czechs triumph driving through the streets of Prague on Wenceslas Square, poured on the Karlsplatz and the Rittergasse Czechs German indiscriminately with gasoline, with the feet attached to the top of masts and lanterns and they burned and yelling watched the burning torches and their torment, which lasted longer so, because the heads of the Burning precaution were hung down and the rising smoke could not stifle. Benesch so drove through a lane of human torches – and the screams of the tortured victims were drowned out by the cheers of the dehumanized Czechs. If there is hell on earth, then there were they in Prague! I report the, because I am convinced, that it can only come to a true understanding, if both sides are committed unconditionally to the, was confused!…“


About 2 Million German girls and women were 1945 desecrated by Russians mostly multiple. Tens of thousands have not survived. – Soviet-cheerleader Ilya Ehrenburg: “Kill, kills! There is nothing, what is innocent of the German, not the living and the unborn not. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic-women! Take them as legitimate prey!”

( Ostdokumentation 2/37/103-108 )

Dr. with. Arnold Niedenzu, Specialist for Surgery, from Roessel: „…Old women (to 80 Years), Children (to 10 Years Down ), Heavily pregnant and lying-in women. The rapes were among the most revolting circumstances, the right to. The Russians often raided even during the day, the women, but mainly at night she came through the broken windows or doors by the chosen, yes by the covered roof in the houses and pounced on the unfortunate women and girls. Most gunpoint. – Frequently they kept the gun muzzle directly into the mouth of the unfortunate victim. Frequently it was so (one is reluctant, to write it), that the female character was noted by several, while replaced the libertines in succession at the rape….“


In June 1944 we have, Child soldiers at that time on the home front in the fight against the terrorist bomber, followed the defensive battle in Normandy. We heard, that the young soldiers of the SS Division "Hitler Youth" upright constantly, firing of all weapons, Germany the song screaming, anrannten together against the great superiority of the Allied attackers! –

A war reporter wrote 1944 in the magazine "Signal": "It was in the West, in the area of Caen. For days raining without a break the surface throws the enemy bombers on the positions, defended by the SS Panzer Division "Hitler Youth". The enemy had at this point his best parachute- and Airborne Divisions used because he promised the least resistance from the arrayed against him eighteen-year-old boy. In pretentious slang a troop, which was used to, to fight against colonial peoples, referred to the Anglo-Americans to them opposing German division as "milk bottles Division" or "Baby-division". It took eight days, because the arrogant aggressor had been taken considerably in hard fighting, and her shriveled self-consciousness reveals itself best in the new final designation, they found for their fanatical and stubborn adversary: „CRACK-BABYS“. In those days I spoke to Oak carrier SS Brigade Commander and Major General of the Waffen-SS Witt on his command post; it was shortly before his death. Told The brigade leader: "Do you know, I am an old soldier and believed, until the time, where I took over this division, to know all sorts of fighting. These boys, which are attributed to me now, not only me wrung respect, but have me, I am not ashamed, to say it, even taught, what real attack is spirit. "


Throughout Germany there were the children of “Hitler Youth”, already fought against the terror bombing for their families. In a television program it was: “Hitler Youth was preceded by the fiery hell and had fire and rescue forces its way to the victim. With tremendous courage. They died like flies…”

The children of Wroclaw sacrificed their lives for their city. Undefeated until the end of the war 1945 against a tenfold superiority. They were 12-16 Years old. They fought and died not for Hitler or the “Nazis”. They fought and died for their families and their hometown, since 500 Years of the German capital of Silesia. The defense of Breslau was necessary. Due to the fierce resistance to the tens of times Soviet superiority Soviet forces could be committed. Thus, hundreds of thousands of refugees from the East could still save! WROCLAW So now called the stolen remains of a thousand years of German Culture, have been destroyed forever – and — in the native soil, soaked in blood, rot the bones of many thousands of German victims and heroes, Lost – and without grave, without stone, ohne Tafel. – Only this painting also recalls the forgotten children of Wroclaw.


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