The European Race is INSANELY SUPERIOR… White Americans are tolerant to the point of SUICIDE!


[This is what I wrote to an American lady I met when I was in the USA in 2019. She had in the past been a lecturer at a top US university. So I sent her an article about the discovery – the first ever – of an exoplanet in another Galaxy. This stuff is insane in the level of accuracy that you need to be able to detect this. You are talking tens of millions of light years. These distances are beyond all imagination. Jan]

This is what I wrote to her:
You will grasp the pure insane power of our science to be able to do this. I must tell you, when I look at stuff like this, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to grasp that (a) Our race can be dominated by Jew-rats (b) That we can even be compared to any other race. The science, the maths, the freaking insane engineering and also the new concepts that go into even conceiving these ideas, never-mind solving them … There’s no way that our race isn’t awesomely superior. What I think is the true issue is that the Jew-rats (and the Blacks who have been taught by them), know the importance of SEIZING POWER – getting to the top. The Blacks in Africa have made MANY statements in this regard about the need to seize and retain power. Whites have allowed themselves to be ruled by scum – pure garbage, total filth, and just assorted crap. I don’t think in our entire history that we’ve been ruled by the pure garbage that we have now. Our methods of getting leaders is the WORST feature of our race. Everything else that we do – I mean EVERYTHING is done to such a high standard … and then you see this parade of filth, garbage, f*cking degenerate crap being paradaded as "Super Rich, Elite, Politicians", etc. We’ve never had such pure worthless, weakling, garbage ruling us. I think this is one area that we have left to degenerate for far too long, whereas Jews focus EXCLUSIVELY on getting to the top. I’ve noticed this. They’re like mad wild animals, seeking money, power, promotion, prestige. The rats scurry upwards, lying, cheating wildly, until they get to the top. I understand the details of science and engineering, and to me it’s as if all our finest people are doing hard, real work, and making great progress, and then all the assorted crap end up as "managers", "leaders" at the TOP. Jews go for the TOP ALL THE TIME. These people are not comparable to our race in any way. The White race is not just a little bit superior. It is insanely superior. Show me the Jews or the Blacks, who would do even 1% of what is done normally, naturally by Western Science or Western Engineers or any other technical or even dangerous work. We’re not just superior. We’re INSANELY SUPERIOR. We can, and do, carry the WORLD on our shoulders I tell you. Then we have to be lectured to by Jews and Blacks? That is the greatest madness and insanity of all time. I love astronomy. And when I see the insane accuracy of our science – from mathematics (the greatest thing that came out of our race – Mathematics is the language of God) – to engineering. We cannot be compared to anyone else. Yet, WE ARE LOSING. Something is insanely WRONG with the world. That thing which is WRONG is too much tolerance of crap. Our biggest problem is TOLERANCE. We’re too tolerant. And you Americans are tolerant to the point of pure suicidal insanity. I’m NOT overstating this.

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