The European Race has tried EVERYTHING and done EVERYTHING…


Nobody has more experience than the European race. We, as a race, on different continents and different ages have tried every conceivable form of organization, law, rule, government, economy, etc. Not only that but we have the biggest record of all our experiences and experiments. On many occasions we tried widely varying ideas and totally conflicting concepts. Nobody on Earth has the experience and the facts that we have.

Like fools we share our insanely incredible knowledge with all kinds of degenerates and enemies as if what we learned through Blood, Sweat and Tears … deserves to be handed to everyone for a few worthless Jewish cents. You will find that virtually every White society, even when it was fighting with another one, can give us lessons to learn from. Thus you can learn from the German tribes and from their enemies the Romans, and from the Gauls/Celts. We can also learn from our many interactions with other races and continents. We’ve been EVERYWHERE and we’ve done EVERYTHING. Why the f*ck are we listening to Jews and Liberals and corporate whores? Why? There is nothing we can learn from them. NOTHING!!

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