The End of WW2: Germany was amazingly strong even in 1945… Ditto for Napoleon and the French

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I was studying the memoirs of General Von Manstein, the greatest German General of WW2.

The impression I always had, both of Napoleon and the French as well as Hitler and the Germans, was that they were crushed at the end of their wars and had no fight left in them and they were losing, losing, losing.

When you actually dig deep into the military writings you find that this is not actually true.

For example, though Napoleon lost power TWICE (1814 and 1815), that wasn’t actually the end of the line. He still had many options, including fighting a French Civil war. There were plenty of French who still had lots of fight in them. In fact, the very, very LAST BATTLE of the Napoleonic wars, was actually a French Victory! There was one more big battle AFTER the Battle of Waterloo, and the French WON!

Napoleon actually chose to NOT HARM THE FRENCH. He had people willing to side with him so he could fight a Civil War to get France back, but he chose not to do something that would injure the common French people. So he stepped down instead.

Hitler was wiser. He fought to the end of the end and he committed suicide because with the hideous Jews driving the British and Americans he would have been murdered just like happened to Himmler. He, Gobbels and Goering, did the wise thing and committed suicide.

What truly amazes me, is how much FIGHT was left in the Germans, even in the worst of the worst situation when they were just being inundated with Soviets, British, American and then the dummies from the British colonies like the Rhodesians and South Africans.

The strength of the Germans, even when their cities, bridges and factories were being bombed to shit, is amazing. It’s plain amazing.

The Germans fought with amazing courage and total determination, very much in Roman style, despite having almost everyone swarming into their nation thanks to the lying scum Jewish filth who were turning the whole world against Hitler.

I need to reread the portion of Von Manstein I was looking over, so I am writing from memory.

Manstein was writing about how much artillery he used during the Crimean campaign. At one point he gathered together the greatest amount of artillery that any German army up to then, had. Manstein then went and explained how many hundreds of artillery pieces he had per mile for this final assault in Crimea.

Then he put it in perspective, and said that in 1945, the Russians needed DOUBLE that amount of artillery per mile in order to break through German defences!!! I stand to be corrected, because I’m writing from memory, but I think the Russians needed DOUBLE the amount he had on his biggest attack. (He was attacking the intensely fortified city of Sevastopol).

It really blew me away that the Russians needed double (I think) that amount of artillery per mile in 1945 in order to just try to break through normal German defenses!!!

I found that astounding. That shows you that the Germans, even in 1945, were packing a big punch. Though they were massively outnumbered, and the Russians had insane amounts of artillery, the Germans were still no walk over.

I had been studying other German writings last year, which told the same story.

The Germans gave it EVERYTHING they had.

They were amazing.

I find it hideous that truly great White leaders like Hitler and Napoleon were defeated in the end. For me it’s a dreadful story. They were doing huge things. I hate to see genius and talent destroyed. I hate it.

But it does show how incredibly strong the Germans were despite everything.

They were truly amazing.

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