The Elephant in the room EVERYWHERE: Jewish financial control of YOU and all organisations

The real elephant in the room that becomes ever more apparent to me is that anything of real significance is deliberately and aggressively starved of money. Hence all pro-White organisations struggle like hell while being banned by every means from functioning. e.g. Paypal’s wild, insane banning of Whites that started many years ago. And remember "Elon Musk" who talks softly of a bit of "pedophilia" in the United Nations, is himself a key creator of the same paypal that ruthlessly tears Whites down.

One thing I don’t see people talking about is how Jewish money controls almost everything that moves. That there isn’t a movement or political organisation that the Jew rats don’t dash to immediately and then try to "vet it" to check if it can be supported.

The Jews create many things and many fronts behind which they hide. This is true.

But there are also many things that start up naturally because some person was inventive.

The moment that something shows potential, the Jew rats swarm around it, and they then check to see if it should be supported by them. If so, then their mass media begins singing songs of praise to it and money begins flowing to it.

If not, then the Jews rush out screeching and howling: NAZI or Muslim, kill it, kill it….

But the real issue though, is that MONEY is firmly controlled. The flow of money is the key.

99.9% of Whites will rush to do anything … IF PAID ENOUGH MONEY. So if you are a money whore, then you’ll rush like a mad dog from one Jewish project to another, regardless of how clever you are.

Lots of extremely, exceptionally talented Whites, people who are TRULY BRILLIANT are whores for money. I, myself was to some degree this in my own career.

But the reality is that you’re actually running around supporting someone who may be a piece of crap – even an anti-white, white-hating, genocidal piece of dirt, and you are EMPOWERING THEM. Nowadays we also know paedophilia is part of this too.

It seems to me that socialism is the real answer – until we can regain control of the economics of the Western World.

The Jews pull the money strings … and it is EVERYWHERE. And every BILLIONAIRE and every PRESIDENT NEEDS MONEY. And, every GENERAL and military man .. can’t make a move … Why, because nobody has money.


And Jews have sewn that entire thing up.

This also may well explain why Hitler was so anti-capitalist while actually running a pretty healthy capitalist economy.

I notice that money flows like a ROARING RUSHING RIVER to Blacks who are "Liberals" and even "Communists".

But the one place where you will see money being ruthlessly killed is for the White Right. The Muslims to some degree also have that problem, but it seems to me that the Muslims have worked for DECADES building their own political/military/financial networks and this is why Muslims have some "military threat" (aka "Terrorism").


And the Germans, with Hitler and the NAZIS hated this system … and now I know why.

And it seems to me that this is the only real solution there is, that Whites must withdraw their support from the money system. Stop being a financial whore. The main method of Jewish control is MONEY and the FLOW OF MONEY. They use it RUTHLESSLY.

And with it they are able to make even Presidents and Generals grovel like little children.

The only man who never grovelled to them – the ONLY man … was Adolf Hitler.

He was on to their bullshit game.

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