The DUMB Chinese: Invading Japan, White Colonization – Was Ghengis Khan a White man?


[Here are some comments from one of my readers. This actually raises the question about Ghengis Khan. My Boer NAZI pal was of the view that Ghengis Khan had to have been a white man. See the notes from my reader below. I would love to hear more about Ghengis being blue-eyed and red-haired. Where are these descriptions of him? I do know that there's been an intense search for his burial mound but its never been found. I have also done some digging, but not enough, into white moves towards China and even colonisation there along with the mummies of whites. There is firm physical evidence that whites made it into China and also did live along routes to it, including a very dangerous desert. The reader below says that the Chinese were stuck in a time warp. ALL these non-whites seem to enter such a phase where they exist like that, WITHOUT PROGRESS for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. We may well be entering such a phase even in Africa. The blacks seized countries, and their systems broke down, but they will live like this for the next 6,000 years. I noticed, in some of my research of the Middle East a similar pattern. Whites seemed to have interbred with those people and those intermixed people inherited the Sumerian civilisation for example. They lived in what is now Iraq. AND they remained in that way of life for THOUSANDS OF YEARS UNTIL THE WHITES RETURNED. We are the ONLY PROGRESS that most, if not ALL people on the planet actually get. They get their DNA (IQ) from us, and even their countries, govt, religions, etc … ALL comes from us. ALWAYS, on EVERY CONTINENT. Jan]

I laughed at the reader’s commentary on the Chinese attempt to invade Japan. My Jewish friend used to laud the Chinese endlessly, and spoke of the time they had a huge navy. I looked into that. It’s NOT that impressive. Whites get much more done. The Chinese are idiots. They were writing poetry while their entire civilisation collapsed around them. Here’s what the reader wrote:

Saw a documentary of when the Chinese tried to invade Japan. They went on a ship building spree. They got their peasants, slaves, those serving prison sentences to rapidly build ships to invade Japan. They built them in the hundreds. They launched them but did so during typhoon season….

The only thing that landed on the Japanese shores were drift wood & dead bodies. Chinese without Europeans would still be building their houses like they were for centuries. The well known economist Adam Smith in his book the wealth of nations mentions that when the Europeans found them, the Chinese had not advanced their civilization in over 2,000 years. It was like stuck in a time warp.

It makes sense when you learn the first monks in East Asia were men with blue eyes, red hair. More than likely the first people to build a civilization in those areas were whites. Then the Mongoloid hybrid mixed with them.

Even Ghenkis Khan was a red haired, blue eyed person. You never see any films depicting the mongols looking like this, yet it is a historical fact. I would say that every historical event shown on TV for the past 25-30 years is nothing short of Marxist propaganda aimed at destroying the white man.

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