The Corona Virus – My Initial Thoughts on deaths and ratios: Let Communist China die

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[The entire Western world is so silly in its Jewish-driven, never-ending desire to save all our enemies… all those who work against us. The USA is itself officially waiting for China to ask for help in order to step in. That is so crazy.

I was taking a bit of a closer look at videos from China and some of the footage from there. Some of it is nasty … a man coughing out huge amounts of blood and people just seeming to fall down.

Already the whites are out there busy saving the day as scientists rush to solve problems.

It will be whites, as usual who save the entire world from disaster.

Looking at the people infected, it is clear that for every 1 person outside China who has the virus, there are 100 inside China who have the virus. So the Chinese will die at, at least 100:1. For every person who dies outside China, there will be 100 who die inside China.

In fact, as per another scientific analysis, the Chinese may be more susceptible to this virus than people in the West.

In some ways, this is like Africa where the blacks were more susceptible to Aids than whites were. I suspect it is because we are an old race and we’ve travelled everywhere and we also survived huge epidemics.

Remember, all these plagues are like nothing that happened in Europe. In Europe, 1/3rd of the entire population of whites died just a few centuries back during the black death. NOBODY HAS SUFFERED HARM AND INJURY LIKE WE HAVE AND WE HAD NOBODY TO HELP US.

I strongly suspect that the Chinese govt is hiding the severity of this.

When you have your enemy in a state of collapse like this, one should not be assisting them.

The Jews have built up Communist China. Communist China is a threat to the USA, and it was a problem for us in Africa. Communist China is responsible for 50,000 dead in Vietnam and many whites who died in Korea. China was doing this. China and Russia were arming our enemies. Why should we care?

The entire world has gone mad because of Jewish whispering in our ears.

I would hope that China got this virus from the West. I wish it were so.

America, UK and Europe’s industry was lost to China thanks to the moves of the Jews.

Why why why do white people care about our enemies? Are we insane to want to help them?

All I want to see are WHITES WINNING. We have to be harder and harsher.

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