The Censorship Witch: Professor Megan Squire … Jews & Jewish links?


One of my supporters sent me this note:

Her last name Squire - In case You are wondering - look up "Ari Squire" criminal case, then Moishe Squire his father owner of the 'teen-weed-rehabs" of the 90's, then, please take note what You find when You look up "Moishe House".. There is one near You.

From the above, I'm not sure if my supporter is indicating some kind of Jewish link here. A Moishe house is a Jewish house used by young Jews. It seems to be for making travel easier. 

I did read part of the fascinating Ari Squire case, but I'm not totally sure if this is a Jewish thing. Maybe there are Jews named Squire? If anyone has better answers I would appreciate it. 
Here is a link to the weird story of Ari Squire, who murdered a young boy as part of a plan to fake his own death, but it went wrong. Some people are amazingly f*cked up, and I find it astounding that you murder others so that you can benefit financially. Such scum. It makes for quite a story:


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