The British, Jewish Soviet Chess moves at the start of WW2 – Invading Scandanavia

One of the aspects of WW2 which I’ve hardly ever bothered to look at, other than the Italian campaigns, are the campaigns in Scandinavia. The one war I am familiar with is the Russo-Finish Winter war, which is a fascinating study, not to mention the incredible fight of the Fins. The fight of the Fins is incredible, and it needs a lot of study, which I would like to do later. I don’t just like making comments on things without explaining some of my thoughts and analyses.

Among the thoughts that began to fascinate me about the VERY WEIRD Jewish type of moves of the Soviet Union at the start of WW2, was Hitler’s invasion of Norway and Sweden.

But Hitler only began to make those moves when the British were already well on their way to doing the same.

The part that fascinated me were the British moves especially in Scandinavia.

There are a bunch of fascinating topics with regard to these opening rounds of WW2, which again, I would like to return to later.

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