The Boers, Rhodesians , South West Africans and Europeans need to own a chunk of Africa


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About ten or so years ago, my best Jewish friend one day told me that a very important black man has converted to Judaism but he refused to tell me the black mans name. This topic came up more than once, and he repeated this. Each time I asked him for the black mans name but he refused to give it to me. In this video, we look very closely at the extremely, uncomfortably close relationship between the President of South Africa and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, the top Jew, in charge of the Jews.

[Someone sent me some Rhodesian stuff. Jan]

I wrote the following:-

Here in Africa, all the Whites feel BEATEN, but this is wrong, because all of us, ALL OF US, punched way above our weight level. The Boers have a lot to be proud of. The Boers are the longest running group of Whites in Africa, and the Boers have FOUGHT THE BRITISH EMPIRE and the Boers fought the Russians and even BEAT THEM (We’ll talk about that later). The Boers are the most powerful Whites of Africa despite being a small tribe of Whites. They have punched way above their weight level. There’s nothing to be afraid of. We now have a history, including a modern history of others trying to swamp us and kill us, and we’ve survived. The Rhodesians were the best of the British (mixed in with maybe 10% or 20% Boers) who basically, ended up becoming like Americans/Boers and standing up for themselves. They feel totally shattered, and yes, they too punched way above their weight level for such a tiny tribe. Other Whites who fought in Africa to some degree were: The French, the Belgians and the British. If Germany had NOT lost their colonies in Africa in WW1 – Imagine what the NAZIS might have done in WW2. Sadly, we can only guess. In WW1, the Germans did some AMAZING STUFF in Africa – But, that is a story for another day. It’s not critical for us now. But I do want to tell the story. It’s an incredible story actual.

My view of Africa remains that despite the White man’s miss-steps, the White man must return to Africa. If you look at history, NORTH AFRICA, actually BELONGS TO EUROPE! Seriously. Romans, Germans and Egyptians all ruled North Africa at different time. To leave Africa to the Blacks is a sin. But in Africa, the BOERS – the BOERS are the most critical power that Whites have in Africa. The Boers have been here the longest. The Boers are the MOST DETERMINED. The Boers regard South Africa as "theirs" – yes they ALL FEEL THAT WAY. The Boers don’t view Africa as a temporary home. They see it AS THEIR HOME (like the way Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders feel). And the Boers have existed, for longer than other countries. The Boers are the PRIMARY WHITES OF AFRICA. The Boers are the tribe of Whites that all Whites must rally around, because they are to Africa, what the Germans are to Europe.

The Jews HATE the Boers and HATE the resistance of the Boers to Blacks. That’s why the Jews are on their side. The Jews side with the Blacks and call out the Boers. I’ll show you this more clearly later.

The Boers aren’t finished. But the Rhodesians need to be woken up again too. They can get back into the fight. The Boers and Rhodesians are on the same side. There are also the Whites of Namibia (German South West Africa) – they still exist. Ian Smith liked them a LOT and felt that they and the Rhodesians would have got along great – but we did not share a common border with them.

Africa, is an important place for EUROPE and the European sphere of Power. The Europeans and Whites of Africa must work together again …

America is very afraid of Africa. I’m sure it is because of the Niggers in America. America is afraid of riling up all the Niggers that Jews and Liberals and fools promoted.

The last battle of Whites in Africa HAS NOT BEEN FOUGHT. I put this in my book Government by Deception. I had a chapter called: "The Whites’ Last Stand".

You’ve not seen the last of the Boers … and hopefully the Rhodesians and others will rally around them this time. We must carve out White Territory in Africa, ruled by whites for Whites. I will discuss these things in more detail later.

I’ve mentioned the insane wealth of Africa that is mostly in the hands of Jews and also Blacks. You’re talking many trillions of dollars of mineral wealth alone – in south africa alone. There could be $100 trillion or more in minerals just in Africa up to the equator. Insane amounts of riches and wealth … all in the hands of Jews and garbage.

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