The Amazing Portuguese in Africa, just got more incredible – I could weep for us…

I’ve been doing some research, and I stumbled on things that just made my jaw drop. This will add to a video that I already had planned.

There are things the Portuguese did in Africa that were long term measures, and I will show these to you all later in a video. But there were things they were doing that I did not understand… until now.

The Portuguese were working on long term projects, and only now am I aware of them, and their plans.

When I was reading it my mind almost exploded. Tiny Portugual, was well on its way to defeating Russia, China and the blacks, and they alone, would have saved, not only their territories, but ALL the whites of southern Africa.

What is also sad, when reading the history of the past, is how tepid the South African leaders were. I suppose also they had to be careful. They were treading a dangerous path.

All in all, the Portuguese plans were just amazing. The whites of Africa would have won everywhere and kept ALL of southern Africa. The blacks would have been screwed.

I could weep when I see how well we whites were doing and how we were stage-managed into "defeat" … ALL OF US!

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