The Amazing Bravery of the Pagans, especially Roman Gladiators


[This is something I wrote to someone about bravely facing death. Staring it in the face. We come from a race whose ancestors were not a bunch of crybabies. Jan]

I wrote:

But I think the youth can be taught properly, and then they won’t be afraid to live and to die.

Our ancestors were amazing. Truly, one has to honor them, especially their COURAGE.

The Romans who were a strong, determined group of Whites, were so firm on this issue of death, and facing it and not flinching.

I read that Roman gladiators were taught that if they were defeated that they should be ready for their final death blow.

That they must be firm and must face death squarely. So when they are defeated I think they kneel but their backs must be straight. They must look up straight at the guy who will kill them.

To kill them, he will shove a sword into their throats from the front and it will slice into their necks and hit their spine.

Archeologists have found gladiators who were killed like this and they have found the sword marks on their spines which show that indeed, at the time of death, they were vertical and faced their killers.

That’s amazing. Courage is something one can always admire. I should add that the people who have ZERO courage are JEWS. You won’t find real examples of courage among Jews. It’s not their nature.

But you will find the remains of millions of White men on the battlefields of Europe who did die courageously.

And that is something we can truly be proud of. WE DO NOT COME FROM ANCESTORS WHO WERE CRYBABIES AND WEAKLINGS.


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