The 5G scare: Electromagnetic waves that pass through our entire bodies … without damage

People will probably freak out at what I’m about to say.

Just a quick note. I see a lot of people getting afraid of 5G. I did some investigation and there seems to me to be no scientific evidence for this.

5G works on such short wave lengths that it can barely penetrate our skin. It is not in any way like microwave or X-rays.

Non-ionising radiation does not cause illnesses that scientists have detected.

We do have RADIO WAVES which pass through our entire bodies without harming us and radio has been around for well over a century.

Some quotes:
Radio waves not only pass through the human body, but are also absorbed by them. In fact, strong enough radio waves can kill a person if they are strong enough! … So yes, radio waves can and do penetrate the human body.

There are military radars that could be dangerous if they focused on you.

Remember that there is also radiation from all around us, and even from the earth itself.

So radio waves pass right through your body without you noticing it.

Another quote:

Infrared light and radio waves

Energy from infrared light and radio waves is converted to heat in the body. We can feel the heat of infrared light because its energy is absorbed mostly by the skin. On the other hand, we cannot feel radio waves because these emit their energy deeper in the body, under the heat-sensitive cells of the skin.

In principle, the conversion of infrared light and radio waves to heat does not pose any problems for our body. The human body is capable of producing or emitting heat by itself to maintain the body temperature. To a certain extent. Infrared radiation or radio waves that are too intense introduce so much heat in the body that it cannot remove that heat. It will put our body under pressure and that has to be avoided.

Our body itself also emits infrared radiation (and even some radio waves) because it is warm.

And so do electromagnetic fields:

Electromagnetic fields with (extremely) low frequency

While infrared light and radio waves are converted to heat, electromagnetic fields with (extremely) low frequency produce an electric current in the body. That is why scientists use the term induced current.

Very small electric currents are present naturally in our body. Nerves are able to send signals by means of electrical impulses. But strong currents that are caused by external sources can also stimulate nerves and muscles or cause flashes of light in the field of vision.



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