The 2022 Ukraine War Versus 2008 War in Georgia – Putin’s 5 day Blitzkrieg – Russian problems

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I have been doing more intensive reading of what happened in the 2008 war in Georgia which Putin won quickly.

It actually was not that impressive. He attacked the Georgians and won his war in 5 days. But he did not face anything like the heat that he is facing in Ukraine. In fact, in 5 days of fighting, Putin’s troops killed 200 or less Georgians. And then the Georgians surrendered.

The Georgians were much much weaker than the Ukrainians.

And some interesting things happened. The Russians were caught LYING about some events. They made claims about things the Georgians did, but people back then already had mobile phone film footage which disproved what the Russians were saying.

Back then the Russians also suffered from low morale. In fact, when the Russians got to the barracks of the Georgians and saw how well the Georgian soldiers lived and what they were paid, the Russian troops were FURIOUS. They were cursing their own leaders!!!!

The only reason the Russians won was because the Georgians were so much smaller and weaker than the Ukrainians.

The Russian military performance was POOR – even worse than now in Ukraine.

Putin actually set out to IMPROVE the Russian army afterwards. What you are seeing is the IMPROVED RUSSIAN ARMY!!! Yes, this is true.

The bottom line is that the performance of the Ukrainians against the Russians DOES MAKE SENSE now that I’ve looked into the Georgian war.

The Russians were NOT impressive. They only won because of sheer weight of numbers against a teeny weeny state. They had about 3x as many troops as the Georgians plus lots of planes and tanks.

The Georgian air force was so tiny and ineffective that they grounded ALL their planes because their planes would be slaughtered if they fought the Russians.

So they just fought the Russian troops instead.

Truly, Russia won, purely through size back then, and this time, the Russian bluff has been called. Putin’s entire plan is a flop.

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