Telkom: South Africa’s biggest Internet & Email service provider is controlled by Hotmail – Microsoft

After much hassle, I have sorted out my emails and switched to sending my emails from an email address that I “own”. So I don’t need to use Telkom. But if you think Telkom is bad, I also was using my old email address at MWEB another big South African Email and Internet service provider. They lock you down in 2 seconds. They banned me quite a while back and I had to beg nicely to get myself off the spam list and then had to desist sending emails.

What astounded me was the error message, complete with a reference number (I’ll phone Telkom this week), wherein they cited a “TOS” (Terms of Service) violation with Hotmail! Now Hotmail is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft controls: and they bought years ago. So it may be that someone blacklisted me either through Hotmail or Telkom. But it sounds almost as if the complaint came from Hotmail, so I think I was being blocked from the USA and ergo they kick Telkom up their asses and Telkom thus blocks me.

This is most annoying and has wasted hours of my time as I try to figure out how to resume my sending of emails.

Email is amazingly tightly controlled and they’re also trying to control websites I see by trying to force certificates – i.e https:// instead of just http:// – That’s a slow trend that nobody has noticed. But its coming too.

Anyhow … So I’ll be back on the “air” shortly. I want to release videos.

But yeah, Telkom & MWEB … they’ll shut you down fast. Long ago they weren’t like this but I think our Jew pals have been at work tightening the screws on everyone.

If you want to see the error message you can view my article here:

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