Swamp Rat: A terrible candidate for US Presidency: The Case Against A President Joe Biden – My Comments


[Of course, the only criticisms you'll hear in the Jewish Mass Media are those levelled against Trump. Trump this and Trump that. Well, take a look at what a bag of shit Biden is. And not a word from the mouth of the MASS MEDIA SCUM! This is written by a doctor. Jan]

Watch the fraud in action:

Dear Fellow Americans:

Joe Biden is a serial adulterer, as is his son Hunter. No man can be an ignoble reprobate in just one phase of his life, and still be a Mr. Clean paragon of virtue in all the others. A cheater in one phase of life is a cheater in all phases of his life, i.e. cheating is his basic character.
The same computer technology used to guarantee election victory to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez was brought into the United States to be also used here, to assure election victory to Democrats. Donald Trump would have easily won the direct in-person vote here in the United States on November 3, only to have that election victory snatched from him by the Democrats and those mail-in ballots and rigged computers Some mail-in ballots were not post-marked at all; others were post-marked after November 3, in violation of the Constitution 14th Amendment equal protection clause. How many dead people "voted" in this election, how many illegal aliens? No signature comparison was made on many of them. In any case, under the Constitution 14th Amendment equal protections clause, both the direct in-person votes and the mail-in votes should have had the same deadline of November 3.
Everybody knows Joe Biden is mentally defective such as to make unlikely his completion of the four years of his first term. This is the radical Left plan, to get through the White House back-door a Left-wing extremist–California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris–who could never get elected President directly on her own merits per se. As Vice President now, she would succeed Joe Biden. America’s Communist and Islamic enemies are drunk with joy at the prospect of a Kamala Harris presidency.
Joe Biden is now doing the same thing for which the Democrats were trying desperately hard to politically crucify Donald Trump, i.e. Joe Biden, before being officially sworn in as President, is trying to make foreign policy negotiations with foreign heads of state while still a private citizen. Democrats used the Logan Act to try to force Donald Trump out of American political life, for doing the same thing. Joe Biden has no more business doing this prior to January 20, 2021, than do you or I.
None of the illegal votes from dead people, illegal aliens and multiple-state voters should be officially registered as accepted. How many votes that may be, we do not know. But nevertheless, in absolute principle, none SHOULD be certified as valid.
Joe Biden has been in American politics for nearly a half-century, with nothing to show for it. It is difficult to find anyone else less-deserving of the American Presidency, than Joe Biden!
-Lawrence K. Marsh
Gaithersburg, MD

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