Supporter asks: Are there going to be Mask Mandates in the USA or anywhere again?

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[Here's a question I got. Jan]

He wrote:
Have you any INTEL on an event in September where they are going to try and force mask mandates again?

My Reply:
I am late in replying to this. As a general rule, since there’s been so much COVID push back, I don’t think that anyone, anywhere, in America or South Africa or anywhere will try this mask shit again. I would not worry about it. The evidence is that there are less and less concerns. Even the requirements for international travel for COVID and vaccines has quietly disappeared. I think the worst is definitely over and anyone who tries any of this shit in the future will meet with a MASSIVE amount of resistance. Whites take time to organise, but once we’ve fought off something, you’ll see that they can’t get their way like before. Too much shit came out of this COVID crap. This was the biggest push back on the PLANET that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. I don’t think you need to worry.

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