Suidlanders & Simon Roche: Everyone, even Indians, can be a Right Winger or a NAZI except for White Europeans who invented it!

[Everyone can be a “Right Winger” these days it seems, even Indians are now “right wingers” (spineless Indians of all people I might add). They can be “on the white right!” It seems the Jews would like EVERYONE to be a FAKE NAZI except for the WHITE PEOPLE of Europe WHO INVENTED IT!

Consider “the Christian” (Indian) Dinesh D’Souza and his book The Roots of Obama’s Rage and all his other stuff. He gets massive publicity.

I had to laugh when I saw another “right winger” Simon Roche, being interviewed by Jack Sen, another Indian or half Indian who is a right winger now in the UK! It seems EVERYONE AND HIS DOG AND CAT CAN BE A RIGHT WINGER EXCEPT FOR WHITES! MORE ESPECIALLY NO WHITES IN EUROPE AND MOST ESPECIALLY NO GERMAN!

The Jews as usual are muddying the waters. Muddying it and ensuring that whatever the hell happens, the one thing that won’t/can’t happen is for WHITES TO BE TRUE RIGHT WINGERS and for WHITES TO BE TRUE NAZIS! As if politics has no meaning, and truly, under Liberalism and Judaism it can’t have any meaning because white people are NO LONGER IN CONTROL!

Take a look at these images. This is Dinesh D’Souza and his books and lookee over there, Simon Roche being interviewed by the half-indian Jack Sen! Jan]

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