Strange: France: Why did Macron marry a woman so much older than him? – Hitler and my Mother

I am amazed by the age difference between Macron and his wife. As a rule, in our history, men marry women either the same age or younger than them. Though I’ve noticed in recent decades, this trend is sometimes slightly reversed.

Hitler thought men should marry women who are a lot younger. You can see it in his own life. Eva was more than 20 years younger than him.

Interestingly, my own mother was against men marrying older women. My mother told me that an older woman is far cleverer and more cunning than a man and would dominate him! She was against the idea!

But Macron of France was born in 1977 and his wife was born in 1953. That’s a huge age difference.

I wonder what the heck is the real story there.

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