South Africa’s Economy & functionality is SHATTERED & getting worse fast now


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Just a quick note. I was talking to a friend about work at her company. And there are few customers. I saw in a newspaper that they are saying that "local Government" (the municipalities), are close to collapse now.

I also watch the blacks a lot. The blacks have certain behaviour patterns they get into when they are desperate. Well, I can tell you, the blacks are moving into desperation faster than I’ve ever seen. They are really short of cash now.

Furthermore, there were another 6,000 COVID-19 cases – which is nothing. But the evil Govt has warned we might go into full lockdown again.

As I said from the outset, the LOCKDOWN will destroy us. And the effects of the lockdown are huge now.

You will record the prediction I put up last year that we’re heading into collapse within 3 years – as predicted in November 2018. Well, we’re heading there fast.

The country is definitely heading into big trouble. I feel sorry for whites who can’t feed themselves. But I am delighted to see the blacks suffering fast.

This is good. But we are definitely heading into unknown territory.

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