South African Lockdown as a useful Military/Survival exercise for Whites


There are a number of things about our silly lockdown that are good for us.

What I like a lot are the zombies (the ones who remain "liberal") and try to pretend that all is well in South Africa and they try to stay away from anything that is pro-white, least of all, looking at white politics.

Now EVERYONE IS FORCED to do the dumb thing and pretend this thing is a deadly threat to us. I still think that in the long run COVID-19 is EXCELLENT for our racial politics everywhere, as the truth comes out. I think all in all, this MADNESS of this time will have people talking about it for the next 30 years.

There is also a good side to this. There are many positive aspects including the fact that we are forced to think about simple, survival things, like food, which we never before had to do. I was also watching how some products are disappearing off store shelves and you can’t get them any more.

I think also, that whites will use this time well and that there may yet be great ideas that will come out of this. I think there are also negative things that will hit the blacks and Jews.

It is a time of change, and I think that like always, whites will mostly do positive things and positive things will come out of it to.

I have especially been taking the time to look more carefully at my own surroundings and people.

It’s been a good exercise. I’ve even been a bit "naughty".

This exercise is UNIQUE. We’ve NEVER had something like this in the 40 years that I’ve lived in this country. For me, there has been a lot to observe and learn.

I feel more confident than ever that we whites can survive and prosper in Africa if we did our own thing. The sheer idiocy of the blacks during this has been astounding. Even I was surprised by some of the stupidity.

The blacks have slit their own throats in many ways.

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