South Africa on HIGH ALERT: Threats to shut down the country today – 23rd! – My Analysis

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[I've been aware of this for quite some time now. There is a massive effort underway to prepare for this. They're expecting riots and gatherings. This evening someone sent me video footage of a supermarket that has apparently been set on fire in Lady Smith. I very much doubt that any violence or actions which take place today will be on the scale of what we saw last month. I think, at best it will be gatherings, and maybe attempts to block roads – at worst some a bit of riot violence. But otherwise, nothing much. I don't think it will be a fraction as nasty as what happened in July. On Monday I will be dashing off to look for some solar panels for myself, so I will see what I find. But I'm not expecting anything earth shattering. Jan]

DURBAN – The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS) has called on community police forums and related sub-forums to work with the police to mobilise the community against any form of lawlessness.

This comes after threats to shut down the country on Monday, August 23.

In a media statement released by the structure said law enforcement agencies are on high alert and through NatJOINTS they have put measures in place to ensure the safety and security of South Africans.

“The NatJOINTS is aware of inflammatory messages on various social media platforms advocating for violence. Those behind these messages are warned that inciting violence is a criminal offence. Members of the public are cautioned against spreading such divisive messages. Equally, a different set of messages is also doing the rounds where people are mobilising to respond to the supposed shutdown,” it said.

The intelligence structure urged the public not to respond to calls for violence and criminality, and discouraged them from participating in activities that seek to defy the rule of law and undermine the authority of the state.


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