South Africa: FW De Klerk … much to discuss about the fool who betrayed the Whites

Keep an eye open. We’ll be taking a closer look at this fool, FW De Klerk and what he did to White South Africa.

I arrived in South Africa in 1981, so I had a chance to live here and to observe the final 14 years of White rule. And as time went by and I became more familiar and knowledgeable about the politics and what was happening I began to form opinions.

Later, when I began becoming active, regarding Zimbabwe and the Whites there, I learned much more from Boers I met.

I have much to say about De Klerk.

I personally knew President PW Botha who preceded him and PW and I discussed De Klerk.

PW Botha held FW in contempt. He called him a traitor. He and FW even met on one or more occasions and PW told me that he told FW to his face that he was a traitor.

The entire story of how it was that White rule ended in South Africa is a very important and not properly told story.

White South Africans actually never had any need to give up South Africa. Apartheid South Africa was LEGALLY RECOGNISED INTERNATIONALLY. This was a direct result of the brilliant move of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd back in 1960. Strijdom, the Lion of the North, who preceded Verwoerd, and also died rather quickly in office … (which might need looking at) … also wanted SA to be a Republic.

South Africa, unlike Rhodesia, was an internationally recognised nation. Nobody could tell White South Africans what to do.

Yet … the internal affairs of South Africa were meddled in … and White South Africans, who had every legal, international right to do what they did, were put in a situation where they gave up power, which was legally theirs.

Also, South Africa, which had the greatest military force in Africa, and did NOT face defeat, was handed over by FW De Klerk.

How and Why did the Whites fold? Well, I have my views and I’ve looked at the matter, and I’ve also learned new things over the years which I’ve not written about. We will revisit this topic.

I will do some videos about this topic.

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