South Africa: COVID-19: Lockdown: Whites looking in rubbish bins for food…


[Here is a very sad note I got from one of my supporters here in SA. This will give you an idea of some of the hardships of whites here. This guy is a pensioner. I told him not to worry about the Van Rensburg predictions. Jan]

He wrote:
I am rather trying to store some food for the hard times ahead, without
much success.

There were a few small shops here, but they have given up the fight,
because they couldn’t pay the rent let alone survive. The average white in S.A. is
surviving on mieliepap (corn/maize meal). I personally subsist on pap (corn/maize meal) and wors (sausage) 5 days a week. I lived in an old age home and after paying the rent I had R135.00 left for soap, toothpaste, toilet paper etc.

This covid lockdown has destroyed what was left of the economy. I am
very depressed and I really don’t know what to suggest. I haven’t seen
whites looking in rubbish bins for a long time and it depresses me
severely. I am lucky in that I get a small pension, but I am worried
about the van Rensburg prediction about the pensions. A friend is
fetching me tonight to Vereeniging.

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