South Africa: 2019: Harry Knoesen & The Crusaders Rebellion … TOTAL SILENCE – Are Whites also hiding things

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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

I’ve been doing some digging into the Christian’s who called themselves THE CRUSADERS, who were led by Harry Knoesen who engaged in their short-lived rebellion back in November 2019.

There is total silence on this score. I get the impression from my enquiries that the WHITES are just as keen to keep the lid on this. My suspicion is that too many people were involved and very likely they are trying to hide away and steer clear of any involvement in this mess.

As for Harry himself, he definitely was making use of non-Whites and recruiting more.

However, regardless of the silence, Harry was originally charged with TREASON and that should have gone to court. The last news reports I see, from 28 August 2020 indicate that he was going to go to court … but … there’s total silence…

So what has happened? Did it go to court? Is he still in jail? What of the hundreds of Whites who were involved? Well, early on, everything to do with THE CRUSADERS … just DISAPPEARED. My understanding was that they deleted everything online and all their data and videos and stuff just disappeared. This is a clever move indeed.

It seemed to me as if, apart from a White woman who was his 2nd in charge, nobody else of note, were caught. The others who were caught were actually coloureds.

Did Harry take the fall for EVERYTHING? Or is Harry out?

The whole thing is weird and until I can one day get people to speak I won’t know.

But there is no doubt in my mind that this issue is one that not only did the Blacks cover it up … but the Whites may have wanted to cover it up even more … and … amazingly … it seems to have disappeared.

The story behind the story … could prove to be interesting. But maybe it will take me years to find out what really happened.

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