Some Boers are listening: SA Genocide – The Fight for Whites is the Fight For All Humanity

[This is an email that went to a group of people who were discussing SA. Here is what I wrote to the group. Jan]

You’re wrong: Ignorance is NOT Strength,

Didn’t you ever listen to Bill Clinton?

Just gently pulling your leg.

What you’re saying is very serious.

Over here in SA I do have some people, including some leaders in Boer circles, mostly Christians, willing to listen to me.

There is nothing pleasant to tell anyone. But, I do feel positive because people are willing to listen here like never before.

I’m trying to educate them. And none of the news is good. e.g. The vast majority here believed Jews were good.

It shocked the hell out of some of the women recently when I mentioned that to them.

The bad news for them, and they’re waking up to it … is watch who you speak to … watch who you treat as a friend … you’re surrounded by 5th columnists … who need to be weeded out of your circles.

I will repeat, I’ve never had an audience as ready to listen politely, even to nasty news, as I have now.

The only way forward is through small steps…

Take care,

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