Should I leave South Africa: Jewish TERRORISM against MY FREE SPEECH

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There are people, even here in SA who have said to me that maybe it’s time for me to leave SA. It is something I have given some thought to. I see the most important battle line for me to be in SA, so I would not be keen to leave because I believe I can make an important difference here.

However, if it turns out that I’m going to be jailed or destroyed outright, for giving my honest opinions and engaging in my FREE SPEECH … In other words, IF MY FREE SPEECH IS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME … then I’ll tell everyone everywhere: I am leaving South Africa because there is no FREE SPEECH HERE!

If they throw me in jail, or try to destroy me in some way, so that I abandon my free speech due to JEWISH TERRORISM, then I will publicly tell people that this is why I have to SEEK POLITICAL ASYLUM somewhere. Then I’ll go to other countries and say: I am not allowed to have my FREE SPEECH in South Africa, will you allow me into your country … I would like to practise MY FREE SPEECH.

I intend fighting tooth and nail for my FREE SPEECH!

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