[From Matt's Mom. For Matt Hale, like for white South Africans, Trump is our only hope. Jan]

Here’s a new letter for supporters to send to President Trump: short, sweet, and to the point. Matt wrote this and asked that all of you send it to President Trump.

Just date it and sign your name.

The White House
President Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump!

So the Deep State, PC crowd has stolen the election from you. Please keep fighting! We need you right where you are: in the White House!

In any event, now is the time to free those prisoners whom the Deep State, PC crowd has also wronged so badly: I am talking about Matthew Hale, Clemency Petition C273312, who filed that petition more than three years ago now. He needs his freedom now, before you leave office. After all, Deep State, PC Joe certainly is not going to free him!

Thousands of letters have been sent to the White House on Matthew’s behalf. Please call the pardon attorney right now and tell her that you want Matthew Hale released. You will make a lot of your supporters happy, and we will be sure to fight for your reelection in 2024 and beyond!

Thank you Sir!


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