SECRET JEWISH CENSUS BY NY TIMES IN 1947: Almost 20 million Jews in the world!!!!

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[The Jewish New York Times did its own census of the Jewish scum and there were between 16 to over 19 million Jewish filth in the world. This is after the supposed junk holocaust. There could be a lot of Jews around now. I've read of numbers that range up to 40 million. I think there are a lot more Jewish scum in the world than we believe. This is from Elisabeth Carto. At the source link below is an image of the original article. Jan]

The American Mercury issue of October 1959 mentioned a secret New York Times census from 1947 showing there were more Jews in the world in 1947 than before the advent of Adolf Hitler. In 1954 the Communist Party USA urged the US government to take on larger numbers of Jewish refugees for settlement in the USA (17.3.1954).

The actual number of Jews killed at Auschwitz had to be corrected numerous times over the years by the establishment to bring it up-to-date. According to the New York Times, they corrected the number from 1.3 to 1.1 million in October 2015, when printing my husband’s obituary. A far cry from 4 million cut in stone at the Auschwitz memorial previously. Those numbers were removed and replaced, 1.1 million is still standing.

Jewish Population In the United States by John Lines
On February 22, 1948, The New York Times published figures taken from the secret census made by them in every country in the world showing the number of so-called “Jews” in the world in 1947. This was two full years after the end of promoted World War II. The New York Times published these figures under the by-line of their expert in this held of investigation, Hanson W. Baldwin, a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis. Baldwin wrote under the headline “Armies for Palestine. Need for International Force of 70,000 Believed Indicated as U.N. Faces Decision.” The following is a direct quotation:
“There are 650,000 to 700,000 Jews in Palestine … Another 500,000
Jews inhabit other Arab countries in the Middle East … In these countries the Jews are tied by bonds of religion to the rest of the fifteen to eighteen million Jews of the world…

On February 22, 1948, The New York Times published figures taken from their 1947 secret census indicating a minimum of 16,150,000 maximum of 19,200,000 “Jews” in the world in 1947.

The Mercury has in its files a letter from a researcher who examined these figures in the office of The New York Times the day after they were published. The American Jewish Committee Year Book of 1949-1950 and the Jewish Statistical Bureau of the Synagogue Council of America supplied the 1951 World Almanac with figures indicating only 11,303,350
“Jews” in the world in 1949 against their figure of 16,643,120 in 1939.

They then said the approximate 6,000,000 discrepancy resulted from
6,000,000 “Jews” allegedly put to death in furnaces and gas chambers by the Germans. The New York Times secret census of 1947 indicates there were more Jews in the world in 1947 than before the advent of Adolf Hitler who was put in power in Germany and financed by the International Bankers. (see Money Made Mysterious, Chapter 12). This deliberate discrepancy must be reconciled to conform with the facts in fairness to the German people who have been unable to expose this lie!

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