Scorched Earth Tactics: The Russians blew up more than the Kakhovka Dam – They flooded another highway in their area

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I was looking at all the evidence regarding the blowing of the Kakhovka dam. This stuff definitely makes sense within the info I put out in my video, which you can watch on this website regarding the Ukrainian counter offensive.

I made this video more than a month ago:

I predicted the Ukrainians would come via Kherson with their main effort. And I even spoke in that video about the risks of the Ukrainian armour crossing the Dnipro river there by Kherson and going over the bridges and whether the Russians could blow the bridges.

What I did not think of was whether the Ukrainians could be stopped by blowing a dam higher up. I was only thinking about them using artillery or missiles to blow the bridges. And I did not think it likely that they could blow the bridges to stop the Ukrainian armour coming over the bridges.

Since there is total secrecy about the place of the main Ukrainian offensive and there is a media blackout on their main armour movements, it is entirely possible that the Russians knew the Ukrainian armour was about to go over the river or had started the process of going over and that this motivated them blowing the dam.

The Russians have controlled the dam for a year and they blew up the Ukrainian section of it so the Ukrainians could not get on to it. Experts say that missiles and artillery and other bombing is not enough to destroy such a big dam. Instead there had to be LOTS of explosives packed there.

There seems to be evidence that Russian soldiers were happy with the blowing of the dam.

Anyhow, as I’ve said the Ukrainians blew a dam as well as bridges to stop the Russians near Kyiv last year and it’s very likely the Russians did the same here. I suspect that they would only have blown it if they believed the Ukrainians were coming via Kherson. Kherson has now been flooded. It looks to me as if this flooding is going to mess things up a lot and I’m not sure if it could hold up Ukrainian armour for a month or more.

I came across information that adds to the notion that the Russians are doing this stuff to block the Ukrainians. There are some smaller dams and water reservoirs slightly to the north of the entrance to Crimea. These were also blown up and the N14 highway from Melitopol to Kherson is now flooded. This happened inside Russian held territory.

These actions could be to mess up the ground especially for the very heavy western tanks. The tanks can only move on HARD DRY GROUND. They weigh 60 tons and they can’t move off road if the ground is even slightly wet.

So it is very likely that the Russians did these things because they had information that the main Ukrainian counter offensive via Kherson was about to start.

That is my current thinking.

The blowing of bridges to stop an enemy advance is a normal procedure in war. Everybody does it. Dams are rarer, but blowing them can help depending on their size.

The Russians are also firm believers in Scorched Earth – destroying territory when retreating. This definitely sounds like scorched earth tactics. Russians have been doing this stuff for over 200 years.

It is very possible that the Russians will use this wherever and whenever they lose. That we will see them blowing up stuff endlessly as they retreat. It’s going to be very ugly. The areas they conquered could be destroyed economically.

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