SCIENTIFIC QUESTION: Are Jews NON-WHITES who BECAME WHITE through centuries of intermarriage?

Something hit me today that is really obvious actually. Jews at the time of Jesus were non-White. They were mixed race. Scientists know this. So how come, the vast majority of Jews that we see today are White? In fact, if you look at them closely, they do have discernable differences to most Whites. But you need to look carefully. They look White, and they are 95% there … but they are not exactly the same. Anyhow, why are the majority of Jews today "White?" In South Africa, where, even under Black rule, Jews are classified as White, they are similar to the Jews you see in America.

I’m going to attempt to answer my own question, but additional thoughts and evidence are welcome.

The original Jews are from the Middle East. The Romans said that the Jews were the GARBAGE of the Egyptian Empire. Anyhow, they lived in what is now "Israel" eventually. Then the Romans conquered them. Then Jews moved to the Roman Empire and even spread across the Roman Empire. Not because the Romans were evil, but because Jews, being the greedy nomads that they are, wanted to.

So the Jews must then have interbred a lot with Europeans.

But I’m not sure what percentage of Jews remained in "Israel" (fake country), and were still non-White. But those in Europe must have become Whiter surely. Some lived and hob nobbed with the Romans as time went by.

Then there are the Kazars or Pale of Settlement Eastern Europeans who converted to Judaism. That is from Eastern Europe … heading into Ukraine.

So I suspect they were much more European and White looking.

I’ve read that most of the Jews in America are Khazars and thus Eastern European.

Is it therefore that most Jews that are alive today are from the Eastern European Jews?

Surely, some, even if it’s not a big percentage, came into Europe as non-Whites and BECAME WHITE over the centuries?

Later, when the Ottoman Empire arose, I know Jews lived in the Ottoman Empire very happily – or as happily as the Jew rats can be. So were those Jews still "Arab" Jews?

So that’s as much as I can think of, and I partly may have answered my question, but in truth, I feel there are still things that don’t make sense.

If anyone has more info on this matter, I would appreciate it.

Because there is no doubt that the original Jews WERE NOT WHITE.

I know that Christian Identity pretends that Whites, true Whites came from the Middle East, but that stuff is not really true.

So I’m pondering what is the real answer?

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