SA: Harry Knoesen – The Christian Preacher was born in Rhodesia!


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I made contact with Harry on Monday, after I saw his video wherein he was speaking in Afrikaans and calling for attacks on the Govt. I will send out an audio shortly.

I will explain in an audio, how Harry was telling everyone openly that his organisation is an “aanvals” (attacking) organisation. He said he is not defending. He will ATTACK first!

Harry also was making big waves on the white right, playing the people against their leaders. Harry was saying that whites are paying money for organisations to merely accumulate money while doing nothing. He caused a heck of a ruckus among the top leaders of Boer organisations, including the Boere legion.

I tried to intervene in order to try and get some understanding between Harry and others. I even offered to interview Harry first, on Monday, and then I extended my invitation elsewhere. Nobody took up my invitations.

I sent a number of messages to Harry, but he did not reply in voice or anything.

However, in one of his text messages to me, he said that he was born in Que Que. Given his age of 60, since he is a bit older than I am, he was definitely born in the time of Rhodesia.

I don’t know in which army he served. The news media says he served in the SANDF – that is the name of the current army of black communist South Africa. I find it hard to believe that he served in the army under black rule. Though, things like this need to be checked.

In his videos he is wearing the “browns” of the South African army.

I suspect that he may have been born in Rhodesia but that he did not grow up there. That is what I am reading between the lines.


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