S.Africa & UK: Whites are very afraid of Govt spying on Phones & Internet: Who is really spying on us?


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[With regard to this issue which I posted: Massive Govt spying in South Africa or more Psychological Warfare to SCARE WHITES? – http://africancrisis.info/index.php/massive-govt-spying-in-south-africa-or-more-psychological-warfare-to-scare-whites/ – Some other whites added their information. Jan]

One of my supporters wrote this:

My one friend used to work for Telkom, tech department.
Back then (2003) they already had all the technology in place to listen and record any phone call, anywhere, any time.
They used to listen in on friend’s calls then mock them about it at social get togethers…

I wrote the following:
Excellent feedback. I like hearing stuff like this. I worked with a guy in about 2005-6, a Boer, who had worked for MTN. He told me that every week NIS (National Intelligence Service), pitches up at MTN head office to collect the recordings (for mobile phones) for the week.

In my really old database on AfricanCrisis I once published a fascinating story that Radio 702 investigated, where young black kids were dialling a code on cell phones and they could listen in to anyone’s conversation. It was then hushed up. It turned out that the engineers, have got various codes they can type in on the cell phone networks to listen in to conversations. I suspect that some black guy must have been showing off to his kids and told them the code and the next thing you know all these teenagers were listening in on conversations. I suspect they had to change the engineers’ codes. But the laws to monitor web servers and email already were put in place about 20 years ago in SA. I even met someone from Zimbabwe who told me about a whole building, dedicated to spying. There was a multi-storied building filled with computers and the blacks, working for the Govt, were reading people’s emails. We’re talking about a backward black country … 15+ years ago. In fact, as I’m writing this, a supporter in the UK has been writing to me about the secrecy the whites need in the UK in order to hide their own behaviour. But take it as a given that anything electronic/digital can and is spied on.

HOWEVER… don’t think only the ANC can spy on this platform!!!!!!! I will bet you the NSA (in the USA), and GHQ (UK) and others are ALSO SPYING ON THIS SAME PLATFORM. Don’t think the ANC is ALONE in being able to spy on us. Rest assured the NSA might even have our messages BEFORE the ANC gets to read them. The entire internet is infested with Police and proper military spies. It has been so for long and they do a LOT of Police work on the Internet. LOTS.

In 1998, I actually complained about drug dealers, and I reported it to the SAP (South African Police). And I told them the drug dealers were using email. Without even having the ability to intercept the emails, the cops (white cops – they came to my house), went and infiltrated the drug groups by email and wiped them out. It took them about 2 months. This was my first experience with Internet spying. I actually stole someone’s emails … whom I worked with … who was constantly trying to sell me drugs and I gave all the emails to the cops. They came to my house, and then disappeared. I never heard from them. 2+ months later, the druggie at my work began telling me stories about how Police were infiltrating them and destroying them. The Police wiped out the entire drug network. It was very impressive I tell you. 1998. Amazing stuff.

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