S.Africa: The Jewish Alliance of Degenerates & Traitors: The Extraordinary Life of Bram Fischer

This link is to an audio. Bram Fischer was an Afrikaans fool. This is an example of Jew surrounding themselves with other degenerates, or just plain fools who then become part of the team. In this way, the Jews also HIDE the fact that this is an almost exclusive Jewish initiative. Nobody ever turns around and says: Ah! Communism is a Jewish thing! No! Because the Jews bring in dumb Englishmen, and dumb Afrikaans people – or just English or Afrikaans misfits or weaklings. You’ll see in the history of South Africa, a few of these dummies who then hang around the Jewish gang. Bram Fischer is an Afrikaans guy who become a real hard core – SERIOUSLY HARD CORE communist. He was so hardcore, that with the government hunting for him, he had an operation to change his face completely, so he couldn’t be recognised. That’s how dedicated this White traitor was.

Here a link where you can hear an audio show relating to him:


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