S.Africa: The Internal War in the ruling Party? Will this eventually become a Black Tribal War?

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I have been watching some of the ongoing nonsense between Ramaphosa and his Jewish backers versus Zuma and his Communist supporters. Slowly, Zuma is losing more and more. A bad point for him was when some communists began abandoning him.

A long, long time ago, when I started AfricanCrisis, some young Zulus wanted to meet me. They said that a Zulu would never be allowed to rule South Africa. And that was their concern. Several years later, Zuma became the first Zulu to become President.

But I do wonder whether, in the long term, whether these fights against Zuma won’t eventually cause Zulus to rally around him.

The war for the control of the ANC is an important war, and this war is worth watching. I am wondering, when all is said and done, whether this won’t end up alienating the Zulus who are quite militaristic.

This is something to keep watching.

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