S.Africa: The Interesting split in the ANC ruling Party: Can this lead to real Black on Black killing?

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I don’t really bother to follow the ruling party, the ANC communists too much. But it appears to me that after a long time, the Black Jew Ramaphosa and his White Liberal Globalist bum chums have managed to gain the upper hand in the ANC while Zuma is finally going down along with his buddies.

My suspicion though, is that in the long term this will lead to a new fight. The way in which this has happened, will anger the "real ANC" who will support Zuma. There will be a fight, a real fight, which could result even in the odd killing and assassination here and there over time, which will create new bitterness. At the heart of it will be the battle for who is "the real ANC".

I think the long term effect will be a new bitterness and a new hatred, amongst former comrades. They use the communist term comrade and they speak like this.

I think in the long run for the Whites this is good. And these are all hard core radicals, so they will not muck around with each other.

I don’t like Ramaphosa. But I also think he’s not that good. He will be up against others.

All in all, it’s a good thing for us.

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