S.Africa: PW Botha & Rhodesia’s Ian Smith – Traitors? Or Loyal? – White Physical Colonisation Vs Jewish Financial Colonisation

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[I wrote this note to a good supporter in South Africa. He was talking about what a great leader PW Botha was. Jan]

Hey Cobus thanks for the stuff on PW Botha. Nice PW stuff. I’ll use it. I met him and stayed at his house for a week. We spoke about a lot. I have never ever published any of the details. I will say one thing about him always: He was NEVER a traitor to this country, nor the Whites in it. Never. In Rhodesia he tried to help us as much as possible – though by then it was too late. I also came across a reference the other day that it was directly due to PW Botha that the Olifant tanks were deployed in Angola. Of course why the military held back on the Olifants makes interesting reading. I can understand. But let there be no doubt about this: PW Botha would have fought a much more intense war to prevent the ANC from coming to power. That had been the goal and strategy all along. However, HE … HE ALONE … had to be removed from power because he was the ONLY ONE LEFT STANDING IN THE WAY of the traitors like FW. These analyses are complex, and there’s much more one can say. But you will never hear me call PW a traitor, nor will I call Ian Smith a traitor in Rhodesia – though some have tried to make that (rather weak) case. FW’s own strategy was one which believed that WAR AT ALL COSTS MUST BE AVOIDED. The simple and most critical fact about South Africa in those days is the following: South Africa actually BEAT EVERYONE. South Africa even brought the Russians and all their Eastern European allies of that time and the Cubans and the blacks to a stand still. South Africa won in Angola. South Africa won inside South Africa. But, my analysis of FW is that he believed that STOPPING WAR AT ALL COSTS WAS THE BEST WAY. Herein lies a complex analysis. Was War or Peace preferable – and what other options if any actually existed? Among the last remnants of the old Rhodesians, I ran into a guy who runs a group of the old RLI (Rhodesian Light Infantry). He told me that the old soldiers have HEATED ARGUMENTS as to whether fighting the blacks was a good idea or not? The Portuguese are themselves embittered about their loss of Angola and Mozambique. I have spoken to many people on these topics, and compared our situation with Europe and done a lot of my own thinking and analysis. I am convinced that our natural instincts to defend ourselves was right. In fact, we did what the Europeans, especially the Germanics, refer to as “Blood & Soil”. These are important old concepts that have come with whites over thousands of years. In a nutshell, these days, almost nobody believes in these concepts, but the Germans, in Hitler’s time believed TOTALLY IN IT. Our real problem was our size. Our small populations, etc. Even so, we punched WAY ABOVE OUR WEIGHT LEVEL – and that includes the Portuguese. I, personally am very proud of our miniature world war that we fought in southern Africa and during my USA and Canada tour I told the story that way, with my proofs. (You’ve not seen my full lecture). In many ways, this PW vs FW debate, actually turns into a debate over: holding territory and holding on to your soil and your political and military power VERSUS “going global with money”. It is about MONEY VS MILITARY – in the final analysis. I think the entire Western world has been fooled in this regard. More specifically, I am UTTERLY CONVINCED, that we whites in Africa PROVED the superiority of Blood & Soil over the methods of money. You can actually see it clearly even in all these states, including South Africa, AFTER BLACK RULE. We are barely 25 years into black rule, and you can see the WEAKNESS of money as the basis for functioning. In the USA, you can see the weakness of money even more in the concept of White Flight. The only thing hampering whites in SA, and all whites, is really economic. This is where Hitler was supreme. He tackled the economic problem in many ingenious ways. He faced total boycotts and he still ran an economy. The ONLY thing we are missing, is an economic way forward. That’s all that really hinders us. Economics is the only chink in the armour, not only of white south africans but ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE. It exists across the world, from the USA to Europe. Its EVERWHERE. That’s why I’m making time every now and then to look at Hitler’s economic system; because its totally unique. And you will struggle to find any good, solid accurate discussion about it. I’ve dug into it for years. Most of what you read is pathetic rubbish. To get to the real stuff requires a lot of hard slogging. I’ve managed to accumulate some things in this regard. This is the secret key to white freedom – solving the economic problem. And Hitler actually did it. But they hide it, they lie about it, they twist it. His economic system was unique. I believe it is the greatest of all Hitler’s secrets. Returning to us, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We in Africa behaved like the whites of Europe. We are NOT like the weak pathetic, spineless British. The “mighty British” lost their entire empire. Now the stupid fools are thinking of BREXIT, etc when in fact, the Europeans have all quietly been working hard at building themselves up. We are in a situation that is much more like the Europeans. In effect, we must not forget that in southern Africa, though Whites were “The Ruling Class” and the “Warrior Class”, that we were in fact defending a system that was based on large numbers of blacks, whose population was growing very rapidly because we looked after them well. Those blacks were our Achilles heel. We were right in realising that they needed to be kept from power. PW Botha and also Verwoerd, have each stated their views. And neither of them saw us as being in a melting pot with the blacks. They wanted us to run our own affairs separately. We failed, because the blacks were our achilles heel. Others saw this, others exploited it, and everyone used the blacks as a boomerang on us. But what would we be if we were NOT dependent on the blacks? Therein lies the secret and mystery. And what types of relations should we have with the blacks? I’ve given all these things thought, and also observed the blacks. We definitely are a lot weaker as a result of not having our own politics and not having our own military. This has made us much weaker. At the end of the day, POWER is EVERYTHING, and the forms and methods of gaining and holding power is really what one needs to aim for. Power comes in many different forms, and each form has its own pros and cons. But the “Nation State” is, unquestionably the most tried and tested method. It has the strength to survive many things. Its strength comes from its structure. By losing our grip on physical power, we’ve lost a lot of power. We’ve traded it for financial power – which has many limitations. There is NOTHING that we face that you can’t find a parallel in history for. Everything has been tried. Certain key lessons shine forth loud and clear. It is my view, that we whites in Africa proved the power of “Blood & Soil”. We showed how well that concept works even for small groups of whites in Africa. The entire western world has moved on to the concept of what I’d say: “Financial Colonisation” and the Western World has abandoned “Physical Colonisation”. However, we, in our experiences have proved the power and efficiency of Physical Colonisation versus Financial Colonisation. It is my view that the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD has made this mistake and in so doing have lost control of most of the world that they used to control. The key is to revive an interest in, and prove yet again, the importance of PHYSICAL COLONISATION. This is the true secret to power. Hitler believed in it. He spoke of a nation and its “lebensraum” its NEED FOR LIVING SPACE. In the original 1920 NAZI Party 25 point plan, they DEMANDED COLONIES FOR GERMANY FOR THEIR EXCESS POPULATION TO LIVE IN. Whites, especially from Europe, are crammed into a tiny space. Europe was much more powerful in the past. But Europe is far from finished. Europe will be back. As will the Germans. Make no mistake.

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