S.Africa: Farm attack White woman badly traumatized: Farm attack: Alone woman overpowered by 3 attackers, Modderfontein, Rustenburg

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[This poor White woman got seriously traumatized. These things are haunting and nasty. Poor woman. But I'm afraid this is how things will go everywhere, until our race GETS REALLY ANGRY and starts hitting back. Jan]

A farm attack took place on the night of 28 Desember 2020, in the Modderfontein area of Rustenburg in the North West province of South Africa. A woman who was alone at home was alerted by her dogs who were barking. She went downstairs and opened the door to let them out when she was attacked and overpowered by three assailants.

One of the attackers held her captive at the door while the other two ransacked the home. They fled the scene with her two way radio, cell phone, personal documents, valuables and household items. She had no way of calling for assistance and while she was not seriously injured she was left alone and extremely traumatised.

At about midnight, a farm watch patroler came across her ID, passport and other personal documents that alerted him to the fact that she may be in trouble. He responded and found the traumatised woman who was too scared to leave the house and seek assistance. She was taken to a friends home for safe keeping while the investigation got underway.

There is no other information available at this stage and there have been no arrests.


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