S.Africa: Electricity in big trouble … lots of power outages…

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Just a note. In this silly country we now have "problems" that aren’t really problems. They are "problems" invented by idiots. And so we have lots of power outages in our little bit of "winter" weather. We now have DAILY power outages. In fact as I’m writing to you I’m doing so from my own eletricity because the power went off an hour ago.

They publish schedules of when power is due out but they don’t keep to their own schedules!!

They are saying this weekend might be bad and we might go to higher levels of load shedding (rolling blackouts) in order to not have the electricity grid collapse.

Some of my neighbours are starting to lose it!!!

One White lady sent a message to our "community group" in our suburb saying that it’s like living in hell! Hahaha. She’s overblowing it, but yeah, people are stressing and getting irritated.

I did not say anything to our community group. I felt like saying: Wait … this is nothing … it will GET WORSE in the years to come!

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