S.A. Muslims & Blacks & Jews – Why Whites should focus as a group on ourselves ONLY…


BTW I was smiling. Muslims/Indians are buying up a LOT of white houses and remodelling them. They have a LOT of money. So I suppose they are pushing up the value of properties in the old suburbs where I live. But I was hearing from a black Zimbabwean that the blacks are stealing from the Muslims and Indians like CRAZY. I remember years ago my departmental head at the bank was an Indian. (I played my role in helping to destroy him). They earned crazy amounts of money like well over R2 million ($136,000) per annum. Anyway, he lived on a hill nearby and blacks robbed him and tied him up. The black/Indian racial thing will come to fruition as well in time.

In 1949, the Zulus set out to genocide all the Indians in Durban and the Boers came in and shot all the Zulus. In the future, when the groups nail each other we must stay far away from it. Let the Indians do their Jew-type thing … let the blacks steal from them … We’ll be ok. We must stick to ourselves. This will work. Leave the Jews to mingle with the blacks … that game plan is also not working. In the end, there are only 2 physical forces in this country: Whites and blacks. And we’ll be stronger, much stronger if we stick together.

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