Russians are always WINNING even when they’re in VERY DEEP TROUBLE and on the VERGE of COLLAPSE!!! – Also the Jew Prigozhin!


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Lying Putin is claiming that they’re destroying 50 Ukrainian armoured vehicles per day. He gave figures of the HUNDREDS of Ukrainian tanks (200) and armoured vehicles (800) that they are apparently destroying since the Ukrainian offensive. You will hear this also from the Russian State Mouthpieces like RT.COM and Colonel Douglas MacGregor. RT.COM is working for the Russian Government. Make no mistake about that.

The Russian Military Bloggers know that these numbers are total fantasy and they don’t like all these lies and some like Girkin and his pals are making serious noise. However, I must tell you, I do fear for their lives.

The reality is this: The Russians are losing a lot of artillery each day, and the Russians are even beginning to run short of troops on the front line.

The Jew Prigozhin, is telling the truth about the terrible state of the war, because he has political goals. This is a very rare case of a Jew telling the truth. But in his case, he seems to be positioning himself to overthrow Putin! He’s been backstabbing Putin for quite some time now and he’s fighting with others like General Shoigu, etc. He is making a POWER PLAY … and might even want to overthrow his MASTER, Putin. The politics inside Russia, in the event of a big Ukrainian victory could be a massive story by itself. We’ll watch it when it comes.

The Ukrainians are fighting and are making deeper inroads slowly into the Russian lines and the Russians are struggling.

THE BIG EVENT that has just happened is that there are only 2 bridges out of the northern part of Crimea, and one of them has been blown up. That bridge is the main bridge feeding supplies to the Russian front lines. And it’s gone now. So now the supplies must go through a longer route through the ONLY remaining Russian bridge from Crimea. This is going to really impact the Russians a lot. Plus the Russians have lost LOTS of warehouses.

So now the Russians are literally on the edge of collapse. Now they are in DEEP TROUBLE. We will have to see how long the lines can hold.

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