Russian supporter writes on Internet: I hope for the destruction of the current world order established and led by US, Britain, and France…


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[3.2 million people read this. This was posted by a pro-Russian supporter on Quora. I know most people in the White Right hope Russia will win. I'm all for the current world order breaking, but I don't want to see Russia being powerful to threaten Europe or the world. The Russians after all came to destroy all White rule here in Southern Africa. The Russians fought South Africa and Rhodesia. The White South Africans fought the Russians intensely in Angola. I don't see the Russians as being pro-White, even though they are White. I wish they were racist. Jan]

Original post:
I, as a supporter of Russia, hope for the destruction of the current world order established and led by the US, Britain, and France, so that Russia may rise up again and other European countries achieve their true independence. Do you agree?

First Answer:
No I don’t. You don’t have to like the US, Britain and France. But they are benign and peaceful countries, who do not interfere with their neighbours and have no imperial ambitions.

Russia is not a benign or peaceful country, it is dominated by imperial ambition and routinely interferes with its neighbours. Its present activities against Ukraine shows that it has no respect for the freedom or independence of its neighbours.

Russia has perpetrated an unspeakable crime against the people of Ukraine. It has ruthlessly murdered its civilian citizens, destroyed its infrastructure and told repetitive lies to its own people about the reasons for its actions.

There is a myth in Russia that Western Europe is somehow under the control of the US. The myth is spread to deceive the Russian people that the US is hostile to Russia and is just on its doorstep. Neither of these statements are true. The US is not hostile to Russia and the nations of Western Europe are fully independent.

If Russia would simply start behaving like a normal country and stop brutalising its neighbours, it will be warmly welcomed into the global community of friendly, peaceful nations. You don’t need to ‘destroy the current world order’ for Russia to ‘rise up again’. You just need to start behaving like a normal country.

If Russia — the one we know today — would ‘rise up again’, it’s hard to think of anything more dangerous to world peace.

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